Roy Haddad

Roy Haddad


All kind of sports



I have big dreams like all other persons who want to achieve something good in their life. But reality is not easy and you have to build your way. That is what I am doing, I don't have much experience in my life but I am willing to push myself to get the right job and a good one also. Life is full of opportunities. I am a hard worker and very reliable with others. I know English, French and Arabic. I know how to write in English and French but not in Arabic. I am finishing my major in business management then searching for a master in sport management. All I want is to achieve my goals and build a career where I can feel comfortable in my life and live it in a good way.

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - 2009


Sport Experts


2008 - Present

Bachelor of Science

State university of New York
2005 - 2007

College Elysee
1995 - 2004

Lycee Franco Libanais