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professional summary 

motivated public health professional dedicated to promoting community health through prevention and educational outreach, an effective mentor and natural leader worked from several health programs focused on fostering a positive  and collaborative organizational skills which is trying to make last difference in the country health crisis and seeking to further develop his study.

Work experience

Aug 2014Jun 2015

education program assistant/EDUCATE GIRLS END POVERTY (EGEP) program-galgaduud region.


job description:

1- preparation and planning:

  • Attended weekly Education Team Meetings with education staff in Guriceel in close collaboration with the Education Program Officer
  • Participated in regular planning and review meetings with CISP staff in Mogadishu and Nairobi.

2-Project Implementation:

  • Played a pivotal role in implementation of activities related to girls’ education, including: facilitating girls’ zones/clubs activities, mentoring and supporting female teachers and girls’ club leaders, distribution and training on sanitary kits and maturation.
  • Implemented  education and related activities and made sure quality and appropriate documentation is produced, collected and shared timely.
  • Ensured accountability (to learners, teachers, parents and other beneficiaries, to CISP, to the Ministry of Education, to donors, etc) for all education activities.

3-Assessments, monitoring, data collection and reporting:

  • Play a key role in ensuring protection measures are in place and schools are supported in implementing their own codes of conducts
  • Regularly monitored and supported female teachers and girls’ clubs activities.
  • Ensured quality and relevant data is collected as required and program review meetings are held with communities and schools.
  • As necessary ensure that the challenges/problems are reported, documented and disseminated to the concerned bodies.
Jan 2011Apr 2014

public health professional

position held: general secretary and senior adviser.

Somali student association of public health(SOSAPH)-Khartoum, Sudan.

job description:

  • worked to achieve the goals of the organization" understanding what public health is" and conducted several presentations to all students.
  • forwarded members and students so that they take part in public health activities in the university.
  • worked with other links and participated with local members meetings to share information or discuss tasks.
  • supervised the editing of monthly journal addressing public health issues and important topics related to it.
  • Implemented a set of comprehensive tracking processes to monitor organization performance and prepared documents and reports.
Feb 2013Feb 2014


Sudan national TB & leprosy control program(NTP)/ministry of health-Kharoum, Sudan.

job description:

  • Worked with medical facilities to provide patients with needed information about their treatment, condition, diagnosis and prevention.
  • worked closely with prevention unit and accelerated advocacy, mobilization and communication activities.
  • increased public awareness on TB, its transmission and prevention steps.
  • participated and planned with other staff program on TB celebrations and Led presentations at media events on program successes and progress.
  • presented seminars and health education articles  related to TB in the universities, schools and public.
  • followed up and worked with STOP TB organization on reducing cases and morbidity of TB and wide ranging activities  of tuberculosis in children.


Nov 2009Jul 2013

Bachelor(honours) in public health

AL-Zaeim Al-Azhari University-Khartoum, Sudan.

subjects/courses covered:

Research Methods,  Bio-statistics & Computer Methodology,  Epidemiological Methodology  (Infectious Diseases surveillance), Environmental Health Impact Assessment Process,  Public Health Practice professional performance & Health Management, Mental Health Prevention, Food safety education,  Health Disaster crisis management, Public Health Nutrition, Behavior science & Health Education, reproductive health&Family Planning Service, Health Policies & Health Lows.

Certifications & courses:

Jun 2015

3-introduction to population health course

coursera-university of manchester

online statement of accomplishment

Jun 2015

2-career 911-your future jobs in medicine and health care course

coursera- northwestern university feinberg  school of medicine

online statement of accomplishment

Jun 2015

1-introduction to global health course

coursera-university of copenhegan

online statement of accomplishment

May 2014

4-nutrition course

Global health E-learning
Mar 2013Mar 2014

5-report writing and evaluation projects certificate

University of Khartoum - Faculty of Technological and Developmental Studies- Sudan.
Oct 2013Feb 2014

6-international certificate on computer driving license (ICDL)

Sudatel telecommunication academy, Sudan.
Dec 2013

7-communication skills for international jobs certificate

University of Khartoum- Development Studies & Research Institute, Sudan.
Apr 2013Oct 2013

8-united nations studies and international understanding certificate,

specialized in following I NGOs:  WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, HRC.

Apr 2013

9-training of trainers(T.O.T) certificate,

Sep 2012

10-Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, (SPSS) Certificate.

Sudatel telecommunication academy, Sudan.
Apr 2012

11-disaster and refugee management certificate

University of khartoum - Development Studies & Research Institute, Sudan.
Oct 2011Jan 2012

12-hospital and health care management certificate.

Nov 2011

13-rural development certificate.

University of Khartoum - Development Studies & Research Institute, Sudan.
Mar 2011Jun 2011

14-diploma in NGOs management

International Academy for sciences & Advanced Training Management, Sudan.

seminars/trainings attended:


Name of the training:  Training on Women to Women Initiative for HIV/AIDS

Duration of the training: April-June 2007 in guri-el, Somalia

Organization: Coalition for Grassroots Women Organizations (COGWOand supported by UNICEF.


Name of the training:  teacher training program

Duration of the training: Oct 6- Oct 9 2009 in dhusamreb , Somalia

Organization: : Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli – CISP

TRAINING 3: fellowship field of training/public health activities

SPONSORED BY: Al-zaiem Al-azhari University

DURATION AND AREA: September-2012 in Bahri locality- Khartoum, Sudan


Name of the training:  gender in education

Duration of the training: 24-27 Oct 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya

Organization: comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli – CISP


-Study Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Mothers towards Reproductive Health Specially (Family planning),in  Haji Yusuf Centre, Sudan -2013.

Sponsored by: AL-zaiem AL-Azhari University, Faculty Of Public Health,( B.Sc. Honour degree) - Sudan.


1-managerial skills:
  • Excellent role model
  • Good presentation skills
  • Team Development&management
2-supervisory skills:
  • Decision Making
  • Personal development
  • Training skills
  • Motivator
3-advanced skills:
  • Has leadership qualities
  • Time management
  • Strong work ethics
  • Excellent verbal communication skills

Text section

  • Language Skills:


  1. English

B2 - Independent User.

  1. Arabic

C1 - Proficient user.

  1. Somali

Mother Tongue.


  • Professional membership:
  • Sudan National Tuberculosis Control Program is leading and coordinating the Tuberculosis response in Sudan.
  • Member of the Somali Public Health Association, Sudan.
  • Member of British Council forum Management.
  • Sudan Project Management Forum.
  • United Nation, in Sudan.
  • The Global Health E-Learning (GHeL) Center.(Knowledge for Health Meeting the learning needs of  leaders and experts in the USAID health sector.


1-Mohamed abdulkadir addow

Human resource manager/ministry of health


Mobile phone:  00252618111192

2. Dr Adam Matar,

Dean Facuty of Public Health, Alzaeim Alazhari University.

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile Phone : +249(0)918462800

Fax: +249-185-(344510-348078)

P.O.BOX: 1432 KHARTOUM,1334,Sudan

3-Dr Hiba Kamal Hamadaneel                                                                     

Sudan NTP Manager.                                                                                             

E-mail: [email protected]m                                                                         

  Mobile Phone:+249123393388