Rajesh Jain


  • IT management professional with 16 years of post-baccalaureate experience.
  • Wide and deep technical background. Experience in embedded software development (iPhone & Google Android), client server, distributed (including SOA) and Internet based software development.
  • Rare combination of business acumen and technology skills. Able to communicate with both the technical and business experts in their language and at all levels including C-Level Executive Management.
  • Proven skills in creating innovative and high quality solutions using the best software engineering techniques. Repeated success in the execution of multi-year, multi-million dollar strategic projects. Demonstrated success in the turnaround of troubled projects.
  • Strong project management, program management and resource management capabilities. Proven skills in team building, consensus building, conflict resolution, mentoring, motivation and management of technical and related personnel, coordination between technical and non-technical personnel and as liaison with external vendors.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Decisive, results focused, self-starter with sharp skills in strategic thinking. Fast learner with a keen eye on upcoming trends in business and technology.
  • MBA from Anderson School at UCLA and Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.) from top-tier.

Selected Achievements

  • Independent developer of mobile applications on multiple platforms, with one of the best-selling iPhone Finance applications on Apple App Store.
  • Managed the execution & delivery of an Enterprise Lead Management System (a $5 million multi-year/multi-phase effort) at Countrywide (now Bank of America) with annual benefits of $29.3 million due to increased revenues (increased flow-through) and productivity.
  • Headed up the rewrite of Countrywide.com Mortgage Calculators using the latest in Microsoft Technologies and advanced mathematical optimization techniques, resulting in dramatic improvements in customer experience and reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Conceptualized and delivered an improved Automated Underwriting & Risk Based Pricing system for IndyMac that processed a mortgage loan application in 1/4th the original time. This helped the company market "shocking speed" as a core competency with one of the lowest cost-per-funded loan in the industry.
  • Conceptualized and delivered an improved business rules engine for IndyMac with the ability to execute rules in as much as 1/10th of the time. The new Engine utilized 75% less resources, reduced overall operating costs and improved the performance of many core systems.




Hiring, mentoring, motivating, directing technical and related personnel with diverse backgrounds; team building, consensus building, conflict resolution; managing Managers & geographically dispersed teams (onshore & offshore). 

Project Economics / Business Case

Financial Modeling (ROI, NPV and IRR); Budgeting, Measurement & Controls; Cost Benefit Analysis. 

Project/Program Management/SDLC

RAD, Agile/Extreme Programming/SCRUM/TDD, RUP, Recursive/Iterative, Waterfall. Familiarity with CMMI. Change/Program/Project Management, Risk Management in a 24 X 7 X 365 environment. 

Rules Based Expert Systems

RETE / Sequential; including CLIPS, Jess, Fair Isaac’s Blaze Advisor and Haley's.


Microsoft SQL Server

Object Oriented JavaScript


Google Android

iPhone SDK/Objective-C


Including ASP.NET MVC


Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2009 - Present

Independent Developer/Consultant

Mortal Geek LLC
  • Published 5 Apps on iTunes App Store.
  • Authored and launched best-selling Finance Applications on Apple App Store using iPhone SDK (CalcsPro & CalcsFree). The App currently boasts an installed base of 100,000 users. The free version of the app has been in top 25 for 6 months. AppCraver, an independent reviewer of applications, recommended the application as a "..top pick..". See Review at http://www.appcraver.com/mortgage-calculators-round-up/
  • Consulted for small developers of iPhone applications and independent real-estate agents developing iPhone Apps for their teams. Conceptualized architecture and developed key performance critical code using multi-threading.
  • iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mortal-geek-llc/id304077120
Aug 2002 - Present

FVP Application Development

Countrywide/Bank of America

Responsibilities include hiring/overseeing/directing geographically dispersed software development personnel (including Architects, Software Engineers, System Analysts, DBAs, Project and Software Development Managers), participating in strategic planning/initiatives, budgeting, building business cases, progress reporting to executive management, managing-to-capacity and Program Management.

  • Recognized as a top performing manager for each of the past 6 years and for cutting edge technology, management responsibilities and execution skills. Consistently entrusted with management & execution of multi-million dollar strategic projects. Promoted to 1st Vice President (from Vice President).
  • Headed up the execution and delivery of Enterprise Lead Management System, a $5 million effort resulting in annual benefits of $29.3 million due to increased lead-to-app flow-through rates and efficiencies (including increased Dispatcher and AE productivity).
  • Directed a team of onshore and offshore resources to re-write Mortgage Calculators using the latest in Microsoft Technologies and advanced optimization and parallel processing algorithms. These consumer oriented calculators are one of the biggest drivers of traffic and offer a unique experience to the visitor because of the use of real pricing and underwriting guidelines in their optimizations. The rewrite, besides improving the customer experience, resulted in a dramatic reduction in operating and maintenance costs.
  • Directed a team of system analysts and developers to deliver a SOA based prototype of  a Commitment Engine. Previously, headed up the Software Development team responsible for developing and maintaining www.countrywide.com
Oct 2009 - Nov 2009

iPhone Developer

Getfugu, Inc.

Worked in a team of six developers for a ground-level startup; responsibilities included:-

  • Optimization of the Getfugu's core iPhone application (Multi-threading, Memory footprint, App Launch times and Memory leaks).
  • Re-wrote the Networking layer to connect to Getfugu's backend servers (Hosted on Amazon Cloud). Created proxy classes for use by rest of the application to invoke services and send & receive voice and image data. Improved performance by 50% and enabled use in multi-threaded situations.
  • iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/getfugu-mobile-search/id331069045?mt=8
May 1997 - Jun 2002

Assistant Vice President,

Indymac Bank

Reported to the SVP/CTO of the "Mortgage Banking Technology" division of this diversified financial services company; regarded at the time as one of fastest growing in the industry. Responsibilities included overseeing/leading/participating in analysis / architecture / design / development / delivery of award winning, e-Commerce based systems at the core of the company's Mortgage Lending and Loan Origination operations; providing a cutting edge with one of the lowest costs-per-funded-loan in the U.S. mortgage industry.

  • Played a leading role in the design & development of the company's first AU and Risk-Based Pricing system called e-MITS. This award winning system (awards include Inman's most innovative use of technology in lending) was the first of its kind in the U.S mortgage industry.
  • Conceptualized improvements to e-MITS, and directed a team of 5 people to deliver the enhanced system to production. The new system took 1/4th the time to process a loan and formed the basis for a comprehensive strategy aimed at improving both the revenue and cost sides of the P&L.
  • Was a leading member of a three person team which architected and built the first such enterprise-scale web-based e-commerce application in the industry (e-MITS.com)
  • Conceptualized and architected an improved O(n) Rules Engine using C++ based sequential-compiling. Directed a team of 7 people to deliver the engine to production. The new engine utilized up to 75% less hardware and helped to improve the performance of many core systems in the company.
  • Acted as the System Architect on many other critical projects. Implemented clever workarounds around architectural constraints without affecting project costs and schedules. Widely recognized in the company for strong technical leadership.
Apr 1996 - Apr 1997

Software Engineer/Team Lead

Nucleus Software

Reported to a Project Manager of this large, publicly traded and accomplished software development vendor operating in India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. Responsibilities included analysis/architecture/design/development/delivery of a number of consulting projects for a variety of corporate customers. Key projects/accomplishments included:

  • Developed a workflow based system for Bank of America, to automate the approval of automobile loan applications (Fleet or Individual).
  • Led a team of 3 people to build a Decision Support System (DSS) for Price Waterhouse Co. Ltd. (HR Consulting Group), New Delhi. The system was used to collect and analyze compensation related data of top/executive management positions in large corporations.
  • Led a team of 3 developers to build a system for Allianz Capital Management Service Ltd., New Delhi (A diversified financial services company). The system was used to arrive at a credit worthiness rating of a customer based on user-definable parameters.
  • Prototyped a Lotus Notes implementation for Coca Cola in Southeast Asia.