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Professional Summary

A self initiated bioinformatician having various computational skills in areas of research and computational biology. Knowledge of multiple programming languages. Highly organized and able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. Flexible to adapt to changing priorities and maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Educational Qualifications

D.Y.Patil University , Navi Mumbai

Jul 2012Jun 2016


Currently pursuing Bachelors degree in Bioinformatics and developing skills in fields of
Structural bioinformatics, Computational biology and Programming. Belongs to the top 5%
students of previous years with scores mentioned as follows.


Semester Wise Score in Bachelors degree


  • Felicitated by D.Y.Patil University for securing first position in Second year of Bachelors program (Btech.Bioinformatics)
  • Felicitated by D.Y.Patil University for securing second position in first year of Bachelors program (Btech.Bioinformatics)
  • Felicitated by TOI employees co-operative credit society ltd. for the performance in HSC and SSC


  •  Attended a two day seminar at “WATUMULL BIO-CONVERGENCE 2014”, Watumull Institute of Engineering and Computer Technology and Department of Biomedical Engineering, Mumbai
  •  Attended a two day lecture workshop on “Applications of Bioinformatics in Drug Designing” conducted by Indian Academy Of Science (Bangalore) , Indian International Science Academy (New Delhi) and The National Academy Of Sciences (Allahabad) at D.Y.Patil University , Belapur
  •  Attended a seminar on “STEM CELL RESEARCH AND THERAPY- ITS POTENTIAL AND ROLE IN NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS”, at Thadomal Sahani Engineering College, Mumbai
  •  Attended a webinar on “NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING (NGS)” at D.Y.Patil, Nerul

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Computational modeling and Molecular Dynamics study of MTH1419 protein
  •  Structural and functional aspects of Brain atlas in Alzheimer's: A Neurocomputing Approach
  • ID3 based tool development for identification of best information necessary locatesany specified address.
  • Proteome study of causative organism of Lyme disease-Peptide Therapeutics an application in vaccine Designing
  •  Study of differentially expressed genes in cervical cancer

Protein Models Submitted to PMDB


  •  Hex6.0
  • VMD
  • Auto Dock Vina
  • Hyperchem
  •  Swiss Model
  •  PsiPred
  • Modeller9v14
  •  Chimera
  • SwissPbdViewer
  • Argus Lab
  •  I-GEM Dock
  •  Blast
  •  MSA
  • Phylip
  • T-Coffee
  •  CastP
  •  Clustal X , Omega
  •  BioEdit
  •  Emboss
  •  Rasmol
  •  Matlab

Programming and Database Skills

  • C Language
  •  Java
  • Perl
  •  Vb.Net
  •  Sql
  •  Matlab

Area of Interest

To predict protein structures using various modeling techniques and study their nature and behavior. Evaluating the structures and studying its binding affinity using docking tools. To make use of programming skills in all possible areas. Improve the existing knowledge and explore more in areas of research and programming.

Personal Details

  • Name: Riya Ganpat Rane
  •  Fathers name: Ganpat Rane
  •  Mothers Name: Reshma Rane
  •  Nationality: Indian
  •  DOB: 9 th April 1995
  •  Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Marathi
  • Gender: Female
  • Permanent Address: 102, Krishna Kunj, Sector-30D, Plot no-21, Rabale-Gothivli, Navi Mumbai-400701

Text section

Riya G. Rane