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About Riviera Beach, Florida

With a population of over 30,000, Riviera Beach is a thriving seaside community in Southeastern Florida that is home to beaches, scuba diving, boating, and more. Perhaps the largest attractions are the city's beaches, which are some of the most spectacular in Florida. Visitors to Riviera Beach enjoy swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and volleyball while basking in the year-round average 75-degree temperatures. Tourists find stunning ocean views from the many beachfront hotels, including a Hilton and a Marriot. Among the attractions at Riviera Beach are the city's beautiful scuba diving locations. Shallow waters, teeming with life, draw visitors from as far as North Carolina, who regularly make the six-hour journey for a weekend under the water. Above ground, tourists enjoy the lush, verdant Phil Foster Park in the Singer Island Community. Additionally, the City of Riviera Beach features a waterfront marketplace and boardwalk, with numerous entertainment options, restaurants, shops, and cafes. Visitors seeking to go out on the water will enjoy the marine vessel services offered by Riviera Beach Municipal Marina, including fixed and floating docks and wet slip systems, and mariners will soon enjoy the services of a new super yacht facility. Riviera Beach is a business-friendly city with a major port and light industrial district. The city is also in the midst of a revitalization of its Marina District. The Port of Palm Beach, located in the city, is the nation's 18th busiest container port and the fourth busiest of Florida's 14 ports. It is an export port, with 80% of its cargo leaving the country, primarily for island nations in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The port in Riviera Beach handles a variety of cargo, including liquid asphalt, molasses, and diesel fuel. All of the raw sugar, nearly 900,000 tons, that passes through the port is produced in the Glades area. Additionally, the cruise ship Bahamas Celebration is based at the port, bringing 275,000 passengers a year to Palm Beach County and providing a major contribution to Riviera Beach's economy.