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Dr. David Garner is the owner and Administrative Director of the River Centre Clinic, an eating disorder treatment facility he founded in 1996 in Sylvania, Ohio. As Administrative Director, Dr. David Garner oversees all research, administrative work, and teaching within the clinic. Among his primary duties, Dr. David Garner analyzes and evaluates performance standards to ensure efficiency and quality care and maintains all financial aspects of the clinic. Dr. David Garner also serves on the Board for the River Centre Foundation as Scientific Director. Since receiving his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from York University in Toronto, Dr. David Garner has held various positions in teaching and research, preparing him well for his current role with River Centre Clinic. Dr. David Garner has over 20 years of experience in academia and has many publications in the fields of psychiatry and psychology. After receiving his Doctorate in 1975, David Garner took a position at the University of Toronto-Department of Psychiatry. He went from Assistant Professor to Professor of Psychiatry after only six years. From there, Dr. David Garner went on to spend the next 16 years between Michigan State University, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Toledo, filling various positions as either a Professor or Adjunct Professor in departments of psychiatry and psychology. In addition to his daily responsibilities as Administrative Director of the River Centre Clinic, Dr. David Garner continues to add to his impressive list of publications. One of his most recent publications, with a graduate student in clinical psychology at Fuller School of Psychology, is titled "Eating Disorders" and is in the Handbook of Clinical Competencies (vol 3). Dr. David Garner has co-authored or co-edited seven books on eating disorders and produced over 170 articles and book chapters on related topics. Dr. David Garner has also given hundreds of lectures and workshops relating to eating disorders over the span of his career.


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