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As a successful advertising executive, Rita Kress realized the importance of making good business decisions. Now with nearly 35 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, she utilizes that knowledge daily as owner and President of the Kress Corporation. Assuming that role in 2003, Rita Kress had previously served as the company's treasurer. Kress Corporation, a mobile equipment manufacturing company based in Brimfield, Illinois, is recognized as a global leader in its field. 

The Kress Corporation has been in business for over 45 years and proudly bears the honor of being a family-owned business. Rita Kress is the wife of former President and owner, Ted Kress, who founded the corporation in 1965. She currently oversees company operations and continues to develop and expand its capabilities. Their son, Nathan, serves the company in a variety of capacities. Ted's father, Ralph, also worked at the company as an innovative engineer. 

The Kress Corporation started out producing slag pot carriers used to dump molten slag, a by-product of the ore smelting industry. Shortly thereafter, the company was commissioned to design and build a slab carrier for Ford Motor Company that would move 100-ton slabs of steel. The resulting machine was the first of its kind, and their next innovation emerged as another first. A single-unit, bottom-dump coal hauler, it was commissioned by the Southwestern Illinois Coal Corporation. Kress Corporation went on to design and build a large number of heavy equipment machines to do a variety of jobs, although much of their machinery is designed for use in the mining and material-handling industries. 

As a leader in the design and production of heavy equipment, the Kress Corporation has forged valuable partnerships with other giants of the industry such as Caterpillar, with which they have enjoyed a successful 40-year alliance. Today Rita Kress continues her family's dedication to working with the best materials and partners to create high-quality, American-made products.

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