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Work experience


Graphic Designer

Digiart Design, Arta

Freelance constructed artwork including promotional material for various clients, such as posters, Cd covers, brochures and material ready to print. Designed corporate identities including logos, business cards and computer forms ready for print. Developed new ideas for T-shirt prints and fashion statements as well as help designing garden landscaping.


Graphic Designer

Epikoinonia-Diafimisi Epe Advertising & Publishing House

Developed artwork from concept through completion, taking the lead in a large team of typographers, copywriters, photographers, journalists, account executives, advertisers, web developers, and marketing specialists, managing to perfect a team that always meets the deadlines and presents the best possible product to the client.

Responsible to develop and create artwork for print, creative digital elements for a wide range of use, online and T.V. campaigns, publications and advertising.

Orchestrated and oversaw the daily edition of the newspaper “Gnomi” (Opinion) during the absence of the editor.

  • Managed, produced and designed projects from brief to fulfillment.
  • Designed spread solutions for packaging products like paper bags, food boxes and bottle tags for beverages.
  • Directed & created marketing materials on a range of projects.
  • Ensured consistency in client ‘s corporate and promotional brands.
  • Presented finalized ideas & concepts to clients, colleagues and senior managers.
  • Answered queries from clients.
  • Created original artwork for short and long term projects.
  • Involved in designing advertisements, brochures, handouts, flyers and online graphics.
  • Worked with a range of media, including photography, to create final artwork.
  • Designed pitches and presentations for the sales teams.
  • Kept up to date with new software, post-production techniques & industry trends.
  • Produced graphic content for site re-skins, page layouts, email designs, site graphics and T.V.
  • Trained two new employs to help with the graphic work, like extracting elements from photos, masking and other.

Senior Graphic Designer

Proini of Arta Newspaper and P2
  • Conceptualized advertisements for local and regional retail businesses.
  • Communicated with clients to develop custom advertisements and print design.
  • Managed to redesign and revitalize the first four-page-color layout of the oldest BW newspaper in town printed in a single-color Heidelberg offset machine.
  • Established the pagination of four-color and BW layouts of newspaper, resolving issues with print vendors.
  • Developed the creative layout of a magazine from concept to production fulfillment, including pagination, photography, advertisements, article writing and prepress.
  • Trained the employer and the staff to new program techniques, like Quark Xpress, Indesign and more.

Graphic Designer

Ektipotiki Advertising Company and“ Astra & Planites
  • Responsible negotiate with clients and create multiple advertisement layouts for two magazines.
  • Responsible to conceptualize and produce brand new pocket-size magazine, including layouts, covers and advertisements, meanwhile built new communication grounds between the new and old members of the designing team.
  • Developed and revitalised advertisements for the rest monthly magazines.
  • Formatted and color-corrected photos for ads to use in production
  • Developed graphic elements for the corporate T.V. Channel.
  • Created logos and processed camera-ready advertisements from outside sources.



School of Art and Design Intergraphics Institute


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