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  •  17 + years of experience in the areas of Enterprise Architecture and Software design and development.
  • Employed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as an Enterprise Architect, leading a group of 50+ software engineers.

  • Ability to translate Business vision and strategy into IT Architecture.

  • Responsible for Retail Commerce Business Architecture that helped derive the Technology, Integration and Deployment Architecture.

  • Creates Software design and components based on retail technology standards defined by NRF (National Retail Federation).
  • Provides technology and solution consulting with retailers across the globe in the areas of unified commerce and Point of Sale.

Work experience

Oct 2016Present

Cloud Architect


Solutioning brokerage functionality to provide seamless cloud lifecycle experience to Enterprise CIOs and IT groups.

Aug 2013Sept 2016

Enterprise Architect

Tata Consultancy Services


Commerce Engine:

  • Conceptualized and designed the software structure for a highly customizable commerce engine based on a Finite State Machine(FSM). 
  • Built a XML driven state machine that makes it possible to define business workflows as configurable software steps.
  • Established the base software platform that provides an implementation of all the core business workflows.
  • Designed a powerful extension mechanism and implemented it via software hooks. This enables project implementation teams to customize the core workflows

Payment Accumulation Framework:

  • Engineered and developed a framework that accumulates different types of payments for various types of business transactions.
  • The framework can be configured to consolidate the payments collected by either the operator or the terminal from where the business transaction occurred.
  • Any new business transaction or payment type can be injected into the framework to begin accumulation. 

Unified Basket:

  • Conceived a commerce basket that acts as a single view of the customers numerous interactions with the retailers via varied touch points. 
  • The framework supports building a basket from multiple sources and is capable of spawning orders on customer's existing IT ordering system based on the content in the basket.
  • The framework triggers different kinds of order creation based on the basket content.

Isolated Electronic Payment:

  • Built an architecture and framework that supports separation of card sensitive and payment information between selling systems and the Payment terminal.
  • The framework ensures that information received from the selling system only indicates the total amount to be paid.
  • The framework in turn constructs a payment message to the underlying client software provided by the merchant's bank and handles responses and statuses for the payment session.
  • This framework can plugin to any Merchant-provided software interacting with the device by adapting the message and communication protocol.

Automated Store Operations:

  • Architected and designed a store automation framework that ensures lean store operations.
  • Potential cost saver for retailers as the system performs key operations defined by the business.
  • The framework orchestrates services that can be configured by the business.

Key Skills

Business & Software Architecture:

  • Created Business Architecture that clearly elaborates the translation of business vision into an IT Architecture blueprint.
  • Produced and influenced the technology, deployment and integration architecture by participating and brainstorming with the architecture team.

Mentorship and team growth:

  • Worked with a team of software engineers, technical leads and architects by coaching them on software design and development best practices. Groomed software engineers to take on team lead roles.
  • Helped team growth by enhancing their skill set through trainings and on the job Proof of Concepts(POC).

Consulting and client communication: 

  • Demonstrated ability to converse with client business and architecture teams to showcase product capability and fitment into the IT landscape.
  • Produced solution architecture artifacts to evidence this capability.

Software and Technology: Java, J2EE, Apache Camel, JPA, Spring, SCXML(XML based State machine), HTML5, JSON, WebSocket, Tomcat.

Oct 2006Jul 2013

IT Architect

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Solution architect responsible for implementation of IBM Sterling Commerce  for Retail Order Management systems and PCMS Beanstore Point of Sale implementations for retailers across Americas and Europe.


  • Constructed a software component on Sterling Commerce to accept EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) messages from vendors including an alerting mechanism to deal with exception scenarios.
  •  Built the Center of Excellence group for Sterling Commerce by demonstrating the order management capabilities of the product and its integration with other retail systems. 

Loyalty payment system:

  • Built a Loyalty messaging system responsible for accrual and redemption of loyalty points at the POS.
  • Enabled using the ‘Stored Value’ standard message exchange format defined by ARTS.

Voice enabled basket:

  • Designed an Android Application that uses a barcode scanner to recognise merchandise and produces a voice output while constructing the basket. 

Barcode masking:

  • Built a framework that can recognise a variety retail barcode formats that drives different behavior at the selling system
  • The framework has the ability to plugin any customer specific barcode format.

Key skillsets demonstrated

Business Architecture:

  • Played a vital client facing role working directly with client business team to help produce a translation of business processes into IT system behavior.

Solution Architecture:

  • Participated in discussions and produced solution artifacts for fitting the packaged solution in the customer IT landscape.

Software Design: 

  • Produced software design on the packaged products like Sterling Commerce and PCMS Beanstore to customize behavior of the product for customer needs.

Team mentorship:

  • Helped mentor a group comprising software engineers and leads to understand the Retail Store domain and the packaged products as to how they could be customized and enhanced for customer specific functionality.

Software and Technology: Java,  J2EE, Sterling Commerce, PCMS Beanstore, DB2, IBM Websphere

Aug 2003Oct 2006

Associate Consultant

Siemens Information Systems Ltd

 Developed an ‘Accordion’, a UI widget on the browser to easily organize elements in categories.  Completely based on Javascript and HTML

Developed custom tags to abstract commonly used behavior on the UI to make them available as reusable components.  

Implemented the ‘View Helper’ design pattern to map model objects into UI objects that needed to be represented on the screen. 

Key skillsets demonstrated

Software and Technology: Java, Javascript, HTML5, Design patterns (View Helper)

Apr 2001Jul 2003

Software Engineer

ProdEx Technologies

  A web based reporting solution which extracts device/network data from varied network management platforms and consolidates it on the dashboard as graphs. Designed and implemented modules that pick up data from NNM. Involved in the design and implementation of a reporting scheduler

Key skillsets demonstrated

Software and Technology:  Symantec Visual Café, Interbase, Oracle 8.1.7, WinNT, Win2k, J2EE (Servlets, JDBC), Tomcat and XML. Worked with a third party reporting module for generation of graphs (JCchart). 

Jul 2000Mar 2001

Software Engineer

Pidilite Industries

 Involved in maintenance of the corporate website for Pidilite that contained a comprehensive list of adhesive products.  Developed content for the website by coordinating with various departments of the company

Key skillsets demonstrated

Software and Technology: HTML, JavaScript

Sep 1999Jun 2000

Software Developer

Total Infotech Solutions

 NETMail dialup e-Mail Gateway is a POP3 / SMTP gateway for dialup networks. This product downloads mails from POP accounts and converts it to SMTP format. These mails are then sent to local/intranet messaging systems such as Lotus Notes, MS Exchange.  Developed modules in core Java using Socket programming and AWT. Involved in technical support of the product at client locations.

Key skillsets demonstrated

Software and Technology: Java, Java Sockets,  POP3, SMTP



B.E. (Electronics)

Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai University


Sep 2014Present

Reproducible Research

Coursera Verified Certificates
Aug 2014Present

Exploratory Data Analysis

Coursera Verified Certificates
Jul 2014Present

Getting and Cleaning Data

Coursera Verified Certificates
Jun 2014Present

The Data Scientists Toolbox

Coursera Verified Certificates
Jun 2014Present

R Programming

Coursera Verified Certificates
Feb 2013Present


Jul 2009Present

Workshop conducted by RAI(Retailers Association of India)

Sep 2008Present

Training on PCI DSS 

Jul 2004Present

Scrum Methodology and Agile


Sun Certified Java Programmer