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Passionate, ambitious and results-oriented Aerospace Engineering Graduate with a knack for delivering under high pressure situations; equipped with excellent design and analytical skills gained through various demanding engineering projects in University.

Currently seeking a work placement with Boeing, India, in order to gain experience working with the leading minds of the aerospace industry.


Sep 2014Jul 2017

B.Eng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering 

University Of Hertfordshire

Relevant Modules

  • Aerospace Performance, Propulsion and Design
  • UAV Design and Development
  • Avionic Systems
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Rocket Performance and Propulsion
  • Materials and Electrical Science
  • Project Management and Product Development
  • Aerospace Systems Modelling and Control
  • Satellite and Terrestrial Communications
  • Mechanical Science, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 

- First Class performance in all modules along with the Final Year Project.

- Nominated for Student Representative of the Year in the Students' Union Awards 2016 and the recipient of the Bronze Award.


Sept 2016Jun 2017

UH BMFA Team - Wing Designer

British Model Flying Associaiton
  • Represented the University of Hertfordshire in the British Model Flying Association's Payload Challenge 2017. Designed and tested a fixed wing UAV with the maximum payload capacity, within specifications.
  • In charge of the detailed wing design of the UAV model; from producing concept designs to procurement of composite materials and manufacturing of the UAV.
  • Generated detailed technical drawings of the final design, with appropriate tolerances, to assist with the manufacture.
  • Performed a stress analysis on the wing structure under all possible loading conditions. Ensured that the wing satisfies all structural requirements whilst ensuring a light and minimalistic design.
  • Supported theoretical aerodynamic calculations with a thorough CFD analysis of the wing in flight. Furthermore, performed a wind tunnel test on the manufactured design to ensure that it satisfies all aerodynamic requirements.
  • Aircraft carried 30 tennis balls per circuit, securing first place in England.


Sept 2016Mar 2017

Project - Aircraft Design (Stability and Control)

University Of Hertfordshire
  • Designed a multipurpose aircraft with a minimum range of 7,000 nautical miles that can be retrofitted to serve as a luxury aircraft, a reconnaissance aircraft or a search and rescue aircraft, on demand.
  • Ensured that the aircraft conforms with the stability and control regulations under all loading conditions in all flight phases.
Jan 2017Mar 2017

Project - Space Mission (Project Manager)

University of Hertfordshire
  • Managed a team of five members in a theoretical research mission to Asteroid (21) Lutetia, with the purpose of studying the asteroid's surface and determining the existence of any potential resources.
  • Supervised tasks of members for their individual roles and ensured that all specifications were compatible with each other.
  • Performed an in-depth cost analysis of the mission specifications - from ground launch propulsion systems to on-board equipment.


Mar 2017Jul 2017

Student Ambassador

University of Hertfordshire
  • Represented the University during open days and community events. Provided an insider's perspective to University for potential students pursuing engineering for higher education.
  • Advised groups of prospective students and adult participants about higher education in the University of Hertfordshire; provided a clear understanding of the challenges, problems and obstacles they may face, now and in the future. 
Oct 2015Mar 2017

Student Representative

University of Hertfordshire
  • Represented the interests of the students in the cohort of Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology with the University and the Students' Union.
  • Nominated Student Representative of the Year in the Students' Union Awards 2016 and the recipient of the Bronze Award for my contributions.


  • Studied the Aerodynamics of the chassis design and assisted the University of Hertfordshire Formula student team in my second year through a detailed CFD Analysis.
  • Student Affiliate member of professional organisations like the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).
  • Volunteered in several University led events, from STEM Fair to Volunteer Week Planning.
  • Professional Fluency in English and Hindi languages. Elementary proficiency in French.
  • Member of technical forums like ThinkDigit and XDA forums.
  • Collected different components and assembled a custom personal computer in order to obtain the highest performance to price ratio possible for a commercially available machine.