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A leading voice in the campaign for Americans to establish a culture of health, Rishabh Mehrotra shares his vision in the blog His insights are important because he is an expert in the field, serving as President and CEO of SHPS, Inc., one of the nation’s premier benefits administration companies. Rishabh Mehrotra routinely deals not only with data illustrating the costs of healthcare, but also with information about the way Americans utilize the various elements of the healthcare system. He characterizes a large portion of the population as “medically homeless,” that is, they have no primary care medical professional. They deal with healthcare on a reactive basis, Rishabh Mehrotra asserts, not proactive: when medical problems arise, they turn to hospital emergency rooms, local urgent care facilities, or pharmacy on-site clinics, all high-cost alternatives to primary care. Rishabh Mehrotra took the helm of SHPS in 2006, coming from Abilizer Solutions, the company he founded in 1998 to give employers a simple platform on which to give their employees access to information about their employment benefits, such as healthcare and life insurance. In addition to offering employees easy online access to their employment-related benefits, Mr. Mehrotra and SHPS also manage the benefits for employers, from initial enrollment and open enrollment administration to monitoring utilization, deductibles, and co-pays. SHPS also provides wellness programs to employers to assist in managing insurance premiums and enhancing the overall health of their workforces, which can lead to savings in other areas, such as reduced time off for illness. These wellness programs, according to Rishabh Mehrotra, are also instrumental in helping employers establish a culture of health in their workplaces, fostering healthy attitudes that many employees will bring home with them. Rishabh Mehrotra, who holds an MBA from the Harvard School of Business, points out that, in addition to taking greater control over their healthcare decisions by establishing relationships with primary healthcare providers, Americans can promote a culture of health by making responsible lifestyle decisions, such as eating well and avoiding tobacco use.

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McKinsey & Co

He helped senior executives design and implement strategies that centered on growth, acquistition and organizational transformation.

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Abilizer Solutions, Inc

Mr. Mehrotra was President and Chief Executive Officer of Abilizer Solutions, Inc, a Premier provider of presentation server infrastructure and human resources portals.

President and CEO



Tufts University


Harvard Business School