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Risë's passion is to help people discover their passions. She has been coaching individuals for over 20 years to use their passions as a way to guide their careers and get them through difficult job transitions. Following our passions involves knowing what they are and relentlessly building them into our lives. If our job goes away, our passions are still there and can help guide us through difficult transitions. Ultimately, following our passions leads to rich, rewarding lives that let us live out our dreams. Risë's Steps in discovering and using your passions: STEP 1 - SOUL SEARCHING STEP 2 – LOOK FOR CLUES ON THE OUTSIDE STEP 3 – CONSULT THE EXPERTS STEP 4 – FOLLOW YOUR PATH STEP 5 – TRUST THE PROCESS Risë has extensive employee and organization and development skills. Strengths in training, facilitation, coaching, curriculum design, program management. Experience working with all levels of employees across many industries. Interested in areas of management and leadership development, performance management, communications, team building, sales training, program management.

Work experience


Senior Career Consultant

Career Partners International
Mar 2007Aug 2007

Sr. Learning and Development Specialist

Jan 1999Mar 2007


Personnel Decisions International
Jul 1987Jun 1994

Project Manager, Training Consultant




Certified Professional Coach

Coaches Training Institute