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Work experience

Jun 2007May 2009

Jr. Supply Chain Officer

Honeywell Engineering Sdn Bhd
  • Dealing in between the clients/customers, vendors/suppliers and the project managers of the company.
  • Building relationship with suppliers and managers.
  • Experience and have the knowledge of interactive and negotiation skills.
Jan 2007Feb 2007

Sales Assistant

Pet Safari
  • Part-time employment
  • Dealing with people and canine
  • Understanding the meaning of promoting and selling
  • Basic advertising skill applied to convince customer to purchase a puppy
Oct 2006Dec 2006

Graphic Designer

Ambient Media Sdn Bhd
  • Outdoor campaign advertising.
  • Learning and getting expose to all sort of different medias and ideas.


Jul 2009Present

Bachelor of Communication

May 2003May 2006

Diploma in Advertising Design

The One Academy of Communication Design



Capturing of angels Playing with the mood and surroundings of a picture Control lighting and placement settings of a picture
Marker rendering
Rendering and coloring with markers Able to control the thickness and thinness of the stroke with wide based markers Able to blend the color well (outcome looks like a painting)
Portrait sketching and drawings
Sketching real life figures of human and animals Able to sketch with normal pen, berol pen, pencils
Fine arts drawings
Drawing of objects and scenary Basic painting skill
To create Magazine layout Small file size compare to Quark and Illustrator Convenient and versatile
Quark Express
Magazine layout before the existing of Indesign
Professional layout on presentation slides.
Photo mon-touch and imaging Colour changing applying special effects
Tracking and compiling of accounts and project numbers
MS Word
Documentation creation
MS Excel
Manages tables Organizing worksheet neatly
Creation of layout design Magazine design before the existing of Indesign Multi- functional and flexible features Easy corresponding and understanding of managing the tools
Basic understanding on drawing and creating images on computer
Assistant tools on creating website design Flexibility on creating animation, or motion pictures for websites
Dream Weaver
Basic creation on website design Assistant tools of using photoshop and image ready to compress pictures and files



Spread your Wings and Fly

When a communication blossom, it will spark a relationship and grow. Like pollens spread and carried by the winds, which later evolve into plants and flowers. My main objectives is to strengthen my confidence and communication skill, so I may be able to reach out and widen my perspective of people in life.


Just A Rose

I am just like a rose, I have thorns and weaknesses, but I overcome it and treat it as a strength. This will give me the opportunity in life to grow and expand my skills. I need to be nurtured, I need the guidance and I am grateful for what I have gotten and achieved. I was born with this special talent to draw and express myself. I am talkative and very interactive. I am fun, active and really loud. I have this ultra-sonic voice, that even my friends have named me 'LoudSpeaker'. I am energetic and extrovert yet humble. I may be talkative and outspoken but I am also a good listener and learner. I am bold, forthright and direct. I can be a team leader, a negotiator, a peace maker to help and assist anyone who is in need. I was headhunted in work before, and I have received praises on my people relation skills. I would love to meet and know 'you'.

I am open to comments and opinions to climb higher and grow into a rose.


  • Arts and fashion
  • Getting to know more people to widen my circle of friends and networking
  • Sports particularly swimming
  • Singing to relax myself
  • Drawing portraits and real life figures.


TOA Student Creative Awards 2005- Promotional Design

The One Academy of Communication Design

Diploma In Advertising Design

The One Academy