Individual Attributes

I am a self-motivated Associate Engineer seeking opportunities for growth and skill development. My experience includes Civil Engineering and Environmental Management and I have a keen eye on developing and implementing projects from an integrated point of view with respect to project objectives and related impacts. This aptitude allows me to think from different perspectives when working on projects to produce the optimum output.

Professional membership

Engineers Australia
Active Associate Member

Membership No. 2916207


Twelve years working experience in civil engineering and environmental management projects

Works well with different teams of varying skills, communicating effectively to manage projects to a timely and cost efficient completion

Performs productively in key roles when liaising with the client and varying sized and specialized contractors to deliver the best output in a contract in a product focused manner

Practical and continuous work evaluating attitude with capacity for research and flexibility for innovating concepts

Current Project 2013 - 2015

On-line Electric Vehicle System (OLEV) by Australian Electric Infrastructure & Transport Company Pty Ltd (AEIT)

Project developed and approved in relation to the application of an innovative technology to save carbon generated via public transport system through direct action, by zero-emission electric buses and/or trams in response to climate change link with carbon emissions towards sustainable development and healthy living.

AEIT proposed to Ipswich City Council (ICC) and Department of Transport and Mains Road (DTMR) to implement a wireless charging infrastructure and operate an electric bus loop service in the Springfield Orion Town Centre area, which will add to Springfield’s reputation of living, working and playing in a sustainable city with a ZERO Emission Public Transport System.


Previous Projects

Water Engineering designs and structures, preparation of design drawings and contract documents, field survey confirmation, logistics, cost analysis, and field supervision.

Projects have included:

  • Dredging
  • Diversion channels
  • Coastal and river bank protection for flood protection
  • Land drainage and agricultural development
  • Land management
  • Small dams for flood mitigation and silt trap
  • Watershed management
  • Climate change Adaptation. 

Projects mostly located along the coast and offshore islands. Most projects have required           Environmental Impact Assessments for which I have conducted critical technical analysis,           revised terms of reference, and residential adaptation proposals

In 2013, I submitted a research paper to Engineers Australia Journal of Water Resources titled "Integrated Water Solutions for a Green Economy via Green Growth" which describes methods of integrated planning and execution of projects, specifically watershed management, targeting water resources in light of flood and drought long term solutions relative to climate change. I was invited to present this research at the World Water Conference 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Skills Summary

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills acquired via academic education, work experience, and communication with multinational professionals
  • Strong ability to work individually and in a team
  • Strong negotiation skills fortified through experience with contractors, suppliers, and project team to complete projects in accordance with work time lines, specifications and budget
  • Excellent problem solving skills developed via involvement in both and design and implementation stages of project including proactive critical analysis and consistent monitoring of work progress

Employment History

Work experience
Aug 2013 - 2015

Project Manager

Australian Electric Infrastructure and Transport Company Pty Ltd (AEIT)

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver and manage projects, assigned from the AEIT work program
  • Coordinate internal and external resources associated with the delivery of assigned projects
  • Manage project budget allocation for assigned projects, including preparation of financial status reports for the CEO and project Team  
  • Coordinate all procurement activity associated with the delivery of assigned projects to maintain a central point of contact, registration of procurement activity and to ensure all relevant policies and procedures are adhered to

Specific Duties

Project Management

  • Develop resource plans and coordinate all internal and external resources assigned to the project delivery effort for assigned projects
  • Investigate and negotiate change proposals with relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure optimal management and utilization of human, physical and financial resources allocated to assigned projects
  • Monitor progress of projects to ensure that milestones and performance indicators are met
  • Direct and coordinate the development of strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented project outcomes and provide advice on remedial action


  • Manage the expenditure of project budgets and prepare associated financial summary reports for CEO and Team members
  • Undertake post implementation reviews and reporting
  • Prepare project status reports and other reports as required

Program of Works

Monitor, register and coordinate all procurement activity associated with the delivery of the Program

Jan 2012 - Jun 2013

Technical Officer

Land & Water Resource Management Division, Department of Agriculture

Key Responsibilities

Provide technical assistance to the Principal Engineer and Environment/Hydrology Unit in projects undertaken by the Division like Watershed

Management (including the design, construction and maintenance of small weirs), Dredging, Sand & Gravel extraction, River Bank protection,

River Morphology, Coastal Protection Works, and Environment Impact Assessment.

I have experience with the design, cost analysis, construction, and project management of the following:

  • residential and commercial buildings
  • maintenance of building services including liaison with Councils and relevant authorities
  • small dams for flood mitigation
  • seawalls for coastal protection and land reclamation
  • coastal boulder dikes for shoreline protection and building
  • river/coastal protection and waterway channels
Dec 2003 - Dec 2011

Technical Assistant

Land & Water Resource Management Division, Department of Agriculture

Key Responsibilities

Provide technical assistance to the Engineering in projects undertaken by the Division and Ministry as and when required.

Experience in AutoCAD drafting in drawing layouts and structural details for both residential and commercial buildings using standard construction drawings or working with particular design specifications.

Further drawing experience is in weir layouts and details. These include drawing of:

  • diverse small dam designs and related structural details
  • topographical layouts using survey data
  • river cross sections and longitudinal profiles
  • and similar with dredge channel designs
  • river realignments
  • seawalls
  • coastal boulder dikes
  • Gabion bank protection



Institute of Surveying


Fiji Institute of Technology

University of the South Pacific


United Nations University

Korea Water Academy


University of the South Pacific Fiji



Australian Electric Infrastructure & Transport Company Pty Ltd 

Dr. Ashok Sharma Principal Research Scientist

CSIRO Land and Water Melbourne

Other Archievements