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Character Trait

I believe that journalism has strengthened my need for accuracy. Before writing for a publication, accuracy was only needed for essays in school, and not much more. Now, however, it is extremely important. Whether you write for news, features, or opinions, if your information is not accurate then you will not be taken seriously. To obtain accuracy, I have checked and double checked multiple sources, making sure the information I am using to back my opinion is 100 percent true.



The parameters for community service at Foothill are too tight

I took initiative for this article in that instead of simply writing about the injustice I feel about my community service options, I reached out to the head of community service at my school and interviewed her, seeking a reasoning before writing the article.

The value of Renaissance has decreased

Instead of mumbling about how much I disliked the changes in my school's Renaissance program, I wrote about it, backing it up with reasonable points and evidence. I was fully aware that there would be a lot of people who would disagree with me (mostly The Associated Student Body, who were in charge of these changes), but I also knew that if nothing was said, they wouldn't know that there was discontent on the issue from multiple students.

Best Work of 2014

The actions of Guantanamo Bay contradicts its motto

This was my first political article, which coming from someone who usually writes about more social issues, went well. It was an article where the more I wrote, the more passionate I felt about the subject, which doesn't always happen.

The value of Renaissance has decreased

This was a more controversial article, which started a discussion in the comment section below the article. Whether people agree or disagree with you, if you know that people are now thinking about and discussing what you've wrote, as an opinions writer you feel that you've accomplished the overall purpose of your article.

Stop dismissing driving under the influence

As someone who was personally affected by this topic, I knew that I would write an article like this, I just didn't know when. When I did write this article, it wasn't until a month later that it was published, almost immediately after the death of a community member. It was intended to bring awareness to the issue of driving under the influence, and with the recent death it hit home the point that no one can win from driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 


Thick Skin
I have been dancing for around 10 years, and over that time I have learned to tell the difference between critiques and mean spirited comments. Journalism has helped strengthen my 'thick skin' by constantly reminding me that if you write for opinions, there will be people who disagree with you. Some comments will calmly state their opposing view point, while others may personally attack the author. I have learned to acknowledge the differing opinions, and disregard the attacks.
Word Press
I have a year of experience working with Word Press, using it to get my articles where they need to go in order to have them published on the Foothill Dragon Press.
Opinions Writing
I have been writing in the opinions section for a year. I write about anything and everything I feel passionate about. Though I usually write about social issues, I also write about the occasional political issues.

Work experience

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