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Welcome to my ePortfolio. On here you will find about my goals, achievements, and what my objectives are. My ePortfolio will give a detailed description of my personality. Please feel free to making yourself recognizable with the subject matter, which I have provided.   

Mission, Vision, And Values


"A tenacious, intelligent, and courageous individual people can trust and rely on for any essential support. Pursuing my dreams to make them into a reality, through determination and perseverance, consistently. My focus is to create a positive change within my community, and to provide valuable innovations to the great people in my community."


"Working towards developing a safe community for everyone to live in through knowledge and education. I want to innovate a society where everyone can feel protected and secure among their community. I am willing to overcome any obstacle or barrier to reach my purpose through sacrifices to create a better environment for the others around me. I desire to reach my goals, not for the better of me, but for the greater good of the people around me. "


"I firmly believe in having honesty, integrity, and accountability in any event or action I take part of. I stay strongly dedicated to my beliefs through accepting my responsibilities and challenges no matter how difficult they are. Staying determined and focused through all of my challenges has built me to what I am, and who I continue to be. Focusing on the greater good of the people around me is what drives me to endure a firm trust in my beliefs."



I intend to acquire a job in public safety; specifically law enforcement to serve my community with honesty, respect, and a positive attitude.

I would like to give back and support people who are in need of help from others, and give them a better life.

I want to make my community safe as possible through new innovative ideas and techniques.


I would like to graduate from the Criminal Justice Program Diploma from Lethbridge College by April 2016.

I would like to get accepted in university and accomplish my bachelors degree in criminology.

I intend to take every course and possible education in criminal justice to better myself, which will make me more valuable and helpful for my community.

Personal Life:

I intend to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle throughout my life.

I would like to have family when I am older, be very successful at my job, and give back the people in my community.



  • Maintaining high ethical standards and dealing with people, problems, and situations honestly. How I am able to demonstrate this is by giving others the opportunity to explain themselves and the situation before any choices or decisions are made without being entirely fair to the individual. In any career or job this is a requirement to be a valued employee.  
  • Able to make decisions and choose a course of action and taking responsibility for any consequences. One way of displaying my leadership is controlling situations in a effective manner while giving others the freedom to give input and ideas to lead to better outcomes.
  • Public speaking and keeping the audience’s attention while speaking or presenting. My way of presenting my ability to effectively communicate is going into situations which require good communications and expresses my ability to communicate well among others.
  • The way I was able to determine priorities and deciding what’s most important to do first was show through the amount of tasks I handle at my job, and had to judge which needed to be done first.
  • Resolving conflicts and bringing disagreements to successful conclusions. How I showed this was by creating ways for other co-workers to get more involved with working as a team instead of doing more individual work.

Employment Information

June 2013Sep 2015

General labourer

Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy Ltd.
  • Strong communication skills with both co-workers and customers.
  • Innovated ways to create better teamwork for the organization.
  • Highly trusted by those of authority and co-workers.
June 2012Aug 2012

General labourer

Degenstien farms ltd.
  • Developed awareness of health and safety
  • Built communication skills and the ability to follow instructions
  • Maintained reliability, responsibility, and consistency
  • A willingness to work flexibly
April 2015May 2015

Private Investigator

Xpera Risk Mitigation
  • Developed excellent investigation skills.
  • Applied critical thinking and problem solving
  • Maintained honesty and ethics


Sep 2014Aug 2016

Criminal Justice Policing Program Diploma

Lethbridge College
  • Strong understanding of the law and how to use it.
  • Develop strong communication skills.
  • Able to work with all kinds of people in a variety of situations.
Sep 2011Jun 2014

Alberta High School Diploma

Catholic Central High School
  •  High school diploma in 2014
  •  General knowledge in different subjects
  •  Ability to work with a variety of different people


Volunteer Experience

Lethbridge Regional Police Service: Victim Services Unit 

December 2014 - Present

  •  I was able to develop strong listening and communication skills. Also, the ability to adapt to challenging and highly emotional situations. Another skill I learned was innovating ways to create solutions and positive outcomes for others.

Lethbridge Humane Society

December 2013 - January 2014

  •  I am able to adapted to fast changes. Another skill I built fro my time spent at the organization was organized situations effectively and efficiently. Also, I developed social responsibility within the community.

Tribal Ice Hockey Camp

July 2012

  •  I developed positive relationships with others from another culture. Also, I developed more teamwork by working with others from a different culture. I created and generated interpersonal skills by respecting and understanding differences.

Provost Native Hockey Summer Camp

July 2011

  • I volunteered as a instructor for a hockey camp for young native hockey players. This helped me develop leadership skills and abilities, and also build skills communicating with young children, as well as people from other cultures.


Feb 2016 

Driver Safety Course

City of Lethbridge

Basic Course

Dec 2015

Alberta Conservation and Hunter Education Program

Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association

Basic  Course

Jan 2014 

Proactive Defensive Driver Course


Defensive driving knowledge & skills

Apr 2016Present

Standard First  Aid level C & AED

St. Johns Ambulance

First aid provider

Jun 2012Present

Possession and Acquisition License (Firearms License)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Restricted & Non-restricted license

Jan 2015Present

LRPS Victim Services Basic Training Completion  

Victim Services Program Manager

Crisis support worker

Jul 2014

Forklift Operator Safety Training Course

Cervus Equipment Trainer

Safety knowledge about forklifts



Rich Sutter / Former hockey coach & Sport Net hockey analysis


[email protected]

Sterling Paiha / Principal at Coalhurst Elementary School 


[email protected]