Riley Ernest Francis

  • Adelaide South Australia
Riley Ernest Francis

Casual/Part Time Work


Highly organised and efficient in fast-paced multitasking environments; able to prioritise effectively to accomplish objectives with creativity, enthusiasm and humor.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2014 - Sep 2014

Background Cook


My job role was to prepare and cook KFC's product range, effectively and quickly without breaking any code of conduct. 


Feb 2010 - Present

Middle and Secondary Education

Mercedes College
Feb 2004 - Nov 2009

Junior Education

East Adelaide Primary School


Nov 2014 - Present

First Aid Training 

St John Ambulance Australia

Gives me the skill-base/ ability to assist someone in need of medical assistance. 

Oct 2014 - Present

Microsoft Technology Associate 

Microsoft Corporation

Gives me to skill-base/ ability  to operate or repair a computer to a higher standard to the regular, being able to program and code.




Exceptional leadership skills developed through experience in club and school soccer and leadership roles in the school.

Comunication Skills

Excellent skills communication ills, developed through experience in retail, customer service and though everyday life.

Experienced Open Soccer Player

Having played at club and school level at some of the highest levels i could, even captaining the school based soccer team. This has given the the experienced  to become a skilled soccer player.



Jamie Conlon/ Past Soccer Coach 

 [email protected]     0432 664 339

Jamie was my school soccer coach last season. He has spent a lot time with me though this and in result chose my for the captain role for his side.

Paul Haynes/ Westpac Banking Store Manager 

[email protected]           0412 291 195

Spent a lot of time with Paul though personal mathematic tutoring and he has been a family friend for quite a while.