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I am currently enrolled at Chattahoochee Tech, where I am studying ...Electronics and Computer Science. Besides studying, I am looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and gain hands-on experience by joining an internship program, or doing a part time job in a related field 

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Apprentice of electronics and audio components

Lovecraft Audio

Eager learner, worked under Chris Sommovigo and mastered detail soldering of high-end stereo and USB cables in the first 3 months ... ... ... 

By contributing in the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of company 's top line products, allowed owner to dedicate more time to company administration and promotion.

Proactively sought other functions within the business, learning how to work and provide basic repair to cable weaving machines.

Responsible for the organization and maintenance of shop and tools. 

Enjoyed sharing the day with an incredible out-of-box thinker, brainstorming products ideas and indulging in gastronomic adventures around Atlanta.


Cuurently attending

Wheeler High School

Graduated from Dual enrollment Program

Enrolled in Magnet program during freshman year

Enrolled in dual program taking college classes at Kennesaw State University during senior year.

Recommended by ELA teacher to join No Place for Hate, becoming an active member and team advocate.

Worked in the school radio/broadcast ... ... ..., leaning ... ... ...


Avid Video Game player

Describe which video games you like and play - Have you tested anything??

Communication and Social skills

Rich vocabulary and avid reader with interest in ... ... ...

Music Production

Background in classical music (piano 4 - 13y yrs), have natural inclination for music composition. Learned Logic and ... to produce electronic music... ... ... 

Mac proficience

I am familiar with Mac and Adobe Creative Suite, running most applications.  Torrent :)

Portuguese language

Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese


- website lovecraft cables or photos of work you did

- Video que vc fez com William: Musica

- Video of Severe Weather with sound track