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human advocacy, social media, graphic design, leadership, diverse populations, public speaking, storytelling, creative solutions, trail running, surfing

Work History

Work History
Mar 2013 - Present

Community Outreach Consultant


Utilizing my skills in community outreach, recreational programming, organizational development, and volunteer management to create effective programs for nonprofits and organizations. I know the value of being a servant leader: cultivating a healthy environment for others to thrive in and attain success.

Nov 2013 - Present


Menlo Park City School District
Dec 2013 - Present

Marketing Coordinator

Teen Challenge
  • Authoring policies: Online Procedure, Customer Service Protocol, and Social Media Strategy
  • Primary contact for customer interaction and technical support while triaging and managing support queues
  • Forging a marketing strategy which relies upon quality content and authentic engagement
  • Discovering two key failures in customer service interactions and implementing objectives to overcome them
  • Utilizing relentless data analyzation and digital tools to identify effective objectives to reach our goals
  • Optimizing social media presence and creating systems to measure growth
  • Managing campaigns utilizing effective copywriting, graphic design, consistent voice, and brand representation
Jul 2011 - Mar 2013

Director of Junior High

WestGate Church

  • Program Director supervising, training, and developing a team of three staff and fifteen volunteers
  • Pioneering organizational development, training curriculum, and team building to transform program
  • Increasing small group attendance by 300%, thus championing our thematic goal
  • Handling volatile emotional situations with tact: exceeding customer expectation while maintaining policy
  • Continually evaluating competing priorities and deadlines to triage projects and issues in real time
  • Networking to forge collaborative relationships, identify needs, and develop services
  • Marketing for outreach, recreational activities, public service, and fundraising
  • Innovating creative solutions to multifaceted obstacles
  • Recruiting, training, evaluating, and supervising staff and volunteers
  • Providing written material for and editing newsletter, website, blog, social media, and weekly public speaking
Jan 2003 - Jul 2012

Field Staff

Young Life
  • Program Manager simultaneously supervising, training, and developing two separate teams
  • Fundraising $50k annual program budget via email, social media, phone, and in person
  • Developing relevant new programs to reach at-risk communities
  • Preparing and presenting reports to director, boards, committees, councils, and public
  • Liaison between program and public: fielding inquiries and issues via telephone, email, and in person
  • Marketing for outreach, recreational activities, public service, and fundraising
  • Recruiting, training, evaluating, and supervising staff and volunteers
  • Managing multiple complex projects with varying priorities and competing deadlines
  • Research, development, implementation, and analysis of effective growth strategies and training
  • Weekly public speaking engagements translating messages for each specific audience
  • Providing written material for and editing newsletter, social media, print, and public speaking
Oct 2009 - Jan 2010

House Manager

City Of Refuge
  • Program Manager supervising a team of three staff providing care to over twenty children (some with special needs) who had been rescued out of slavery
  • Addressing all health, education, nutrition, and counseling needs
  • Creating program calendar and developing learning experiences for the children and community
  • Presenting reports to founder/CEO, aiding in development of Human Trafficking Prevention Program
  • Operating budget, managing cash flow, analyzing financial data, streamlining expenses for efficiency
  • Liaison between program and public: fielding inquiries via email, telephone, and in person
  • Providing written material for and editing newsletter and blog


Feb 2013 - Present


Antioch School
  • Interpreting (307)
  • Shepherding and Counseling (306)
  • Teaching (305)
  • Keys to Establishment and Expansion (301)
Sep 2006 - May 2008

West Valley College
  • American Race Relations (SOC 020)
  • Marriage and Family (SOC 040)
  • Introduction to Social Psychology (PSYCH 017)
  • General Psychology (PSYCH 001)
  • Psychology of Women (PSYCH 009)
  • Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 003)
  • World Philosophy on Death (PHIL 021)
  • Introduction to Early Childhood (CHS 001)
  • Childhood and Culture (CHS 005)
  • Creative Writing (ENGL 070A)
Sep 2004 - May 2006


Mission College
  • EMT I Clinical Experience (FPT 065C)
  • EMT (FPT 065)
  • EMT Laboratory (FPT 065L)
  • Fire Behavior and Combustion (FPT 052)
  • Fire Protection Equipment and Systems (FPT 053)
  • Building Construction (FPT 054)
  • Hazardous Materials Technology (FPT 056)
  • Fire Protection Organization (FPT 051)
  • Fitness: Fire Agility (PE 004D)



Jon Talbert

Jon has been a mentor and an incredible example as he innovates community outreach. I have learned about community organizing and public speaking as I was privileged to serve alongside him at WestGate. Check out some of the great work that Jon is doing at