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Highly skilled professional with 20 years of experience in the construction and maintenance of industrial  mills and plant mechanical services.

Goal driven and safety oriented with the knowledge and ability to complete tasks safely, on schedule and under budget.

Extensive knowledge in pipe design, fabrication, maintenance, and repair of complex piping systems.

Current holder of 7 nationally recognized craft and construction education certifications through NCCER to include, pipefitter v2, boilermaker v2, boilermaker instructor, core curricula instructor, introductory skills to crew leader, project supervision, and project management. Online verification at, card number 5667013.  


Work experience



TMSI const. at I.P. Texarkana mill

Remove, and replace piping systems throughout the mill.

Work with engineers,and maintenance department to make necessary repairs to piping, and equipment as needed to maintain smooth operation of systems within the mill. 


Mechanical General Foreman

Zachery const. at I.P. Texarkana mill

Work directly with Ryan Redding to ensure production, quality,and safety of evaporator project.

Plan,Coordinate, and oversee all construction and repairs of evaporator project on night shift. 


Press Operator


Operate computer control systems to ensure smooth operation of the press for OSB board manufacturing.

Perform day to day routine maintenance on press and pumps.

Work directly with Quality control to ensure quality standards are met.

Repair any problems that may arise during press operations.


Mechanical Technician

Casey industrial maintenance

Remove and replace press plattens.

Ensure proper torque and torque rates for press blocks.

Remove and re-install piping, and flex hoses as required for removal of plattens.


Pipe/boilermaker foreman

Fluor const.

Oversee all aspects of construction and maintenance for crews.

Plan work and schedules to ensure all crew goals are met on time, and within budget.

Interact with engineers, and quality control to maintain the proper tolerance between quality, and production.

Responsible for safety of all personnel within my areas.


Pipe Superintendent

Teaford const

Oversee all Fabrication and erection of piping systems throughout the projects.

Ensure all goals for safety, production,and quality standards are met.

Work with all other craft supervisors for scheduling, and troubleshooting of the projects.

Keep up to date documented records of production rates and accountability charts for production and cost management.



enbridge gas

Perform construction of complex piping systems.

Measure, cut, grind, and weld pipe to specification per the engineered drawings.

Work with a team to complete project goals.


Pipe/ Hedro test foreman

North central const.

Perform Hydro and air testing of piping systems upon completion.

Keep documented proof of system testing on a daily basis, as required for plant use.

Plan blind placement and oversee all testing operations within the plant.



Kellog Brown&Root

Perform fabrication and erection of piping systems.

Troubleshoot pipe drawings for fabrication purposes.

Complete installation of pumps, motors,and piping.


Pipefitter Helper


Work for journeyman fitters to help perform tasks.

Cut ,grind ,bevel pipe to assist in the pipefitting process.


Pipefitter Helper

Watkins const.

Assist in cutting, grinding, and beveling for the pipefitting process.

Assist in Erection and installation of piping systems.



Fouke Highschool

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I would like to thank you for your consideration for this position  and look forward to hearing from you.