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A creative software engirneer with web system development possesses 10-year experience as a developer.

I always try to make my source code easier to read and maintain. Improving the quality of the project and development workflow step by step is also my self-expectation. I hope to have a sense of accomplishment from the work and keep learning with team members.


  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
Frameworks & Libraries
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Solr
  • AWS
Project Management
  • Jira
  • Redmine
  • Trello
  • slack
Development Tools
  • PHPStorm
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Bitbucket
  • travis-ci
  • Jenkins

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Work History

Oct 2018Now

Senior Developer


Designing the microservices system from scratch with the newest PHP & Laravel framework. I was responsible for constituting the coding style, project architecture and static analysis rules.

Jun 2017Oct 2018

Senior Developer

Senao International Co., Ltd

My team is responsible for the EC website . I focus on SA, SD in some projects, discussing the data flow between systems, and use AWS services in our product. I spent lots of time finding better solutions to deal with application performance, and helping my team to develop to a nice way.

Here are projects/tasks I led :

  • Integrating CodeIgniter 3 with testing frameworks.
  • Introducing PHP collection package to my team.
  • Solving some big performance issues.
  • Fixed the cron job overlap problem.
  • Selling e-tickets on the EC website.
  • Planning and leading developers to a new SPA project, which built with Angular and typescript.
  • Replaced the framework cache driver to connect with Redis cluster.
  • Improving the log collect flow.

After completed these tasks, I was promoted as a tech lead in the team (5-8 members). Now we are planning the new system architecture and ready to implement it step by step.

Apr 2017Jun 2017

Senior Developer

Symphox Information Co.,Ltd.
  • Maintain the Treemall shopping cart program.
  • Build the deploy script with gradle.
Jan 2013Apr 2017

Senior Developer

uitox global e-commerce group

Leading 3 to 8 members to build the uitox ERP system. Introducing and using Git as our version control tool. Building a local develop workflow with xampp, codeigniter and phpunit. Leading team members to use TDD in the project.

The ERP system's main tasks are :

  • Order flow and refund flow.
  • Build dozens of customized daily, weekly, monthly reports to analyze sales activity.
  • Order status notify.
  • Data exchange with outside platforms.
  • Maintain the invoice handling (taxcloud and avaalra).
  • Maintain the uitox supplier system.
  • Maintain the email/sms/app notify send out system. 
May 2012Jan 2013

Technical Support Team Lead

Lager Network Technologies Inc
  • Maintaining the Lager website (
  • Handling login api between Lager member and the projects.
  • Controlling projects schedule.
  • Communicating with other departments or the project game vendor.
  • Daily technical support for Operation Department.
Apr 2010May 2012


Lager Network Technologies Inc
  • Developing lots of productc promotion websites.
  • Maintaining the Lager website (
  • Running the project "LS online" as the main engineer. Including build and maintain game server, handling the payment api between Lager-member and the game.
  • Daily technical support for Operation Department.
Dec 2008Apr 2010


DoubleService Digital Technology
  • I was responsible for building the data exchange system for Taiwan biggest convenience store 7-11.
  • Developing the orbis Taiwan website


    main tasks :
    Selling e-tickets on the EC website.
    • Planning a SPA project with Angular + typescript.
    • Improving application 
    Training team members write unit tests.
  • Planning  the new uitox ERP system 2.0
    We redesign all the uitox systems. I try to import Message Queue to ERP system with a better way. And leading my team figuring out how to use PHPUnit and TDD in the new project. We study and choose some good parts from Laravel framework like : Collection, Task Scheduling, RabbitMQ and we combine these into CodeIgniter 2.
  • Selling to other platforms
    ASAP now can help the Taiwan suppliers to sale their thousands of products to the other famous platforms such as Yahoo, Tmall, Lazada, 11street, ShopList. We connect these platforms with api to get the orders into our system, and give the order status feedback back.
  • Cross-border
    Consumers can buy Japan products from Taiwan ASAP website, and the goods will be delivered from Japan's supplier to customers' receiver address in Taiwan. We create a second inside order to handle different issues like international delivery fee and tax.
  • Build the uitox ERP base system
    (January 2013)
    Building the uitox's ERP system from the beginning. Drawing up API develop spec for the team with php group and c# group.
    I was responsible for the "Order" group at first, the major mission are:
    • Order process flow
    • Returned purchase
    • Order status notify system
  • Lager official website revision
    (May 2012)
    Lager Network's game players can login with other SNS account such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo. So that they can easily register and play the game.
    In this project we learned about oauth, also Lager member system now is a social network member provider, so Lager players can access their web games through Lager member account, no need to register a game account anymore.
  • LS Online
    (May 2011)
    As a administrator in operating tech team, I was responsible for this China game "LS Online". My job is maintaining the game servers , publishing daily or weekly rewards for the players, and building up the db and log backup solution, developing the report system for out operating team.
    In this project I learned how to maintain a online game. The game server were running on windows server and using mysql as their databases. I also developed some tools to connect with game api so our operating team can easily interactive with the game player.
  • Product event pages
    (April 2010)
    Building lots of product event pages for promotion.
    One of Lager Network classic game events is "poke and win". Consumers can poke and get a reward in each play. I was responsible for the project and made it can be reused for many other game.
    In this project I use php, jQuery/ajax, css sprite, mysql.
  • Orbis Taiwan website
    (October 2009)
    Developed whole control panel for this site so the website owner can easily maintain it. Also some front-end functional pard was my responsible part.
    In this project we used php, mysql, jQuery as our solution.
  • 7-11 eService
    (April 2009)
    I building a data exchange system for Taiwan biggest convenience store 7-11. Consumers can choose a store nearby as their recipient address. Suppliers, logistics providers, and the convenience store delivered goods and based on this system.
    I parse the text file that suppliers upload to tell what package they will send to the logistics provider. And following the data exchange spec, suppliers can get response detail.
    In this project I used php, sql server, sftp, and os was windows server and IIS.