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California-based coin scholar and expert Rick Tomaska shares his expertise about high-grade coins in his second edition of A Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars, which garnered an “Extraordinary Merit Award” by the Numismatic Literary Guild in its first edition. Mr. Tomaska received high praise for his earlier book, The Complete Guide to Franklin Half Dollars, which spurred renewed enthusiasm in the high-grade Franklin series. Mr. Tomaska is revising his first book, originally published in 1991 and entitled Cameo and Brilliant Proof Coinage of the 1950 to 1970 Era, a scholarly work that educates collectors in cameo proof. Embellished with color photos of the finest cameos, the book presents a date-by-date analysis of all the proof coinage in every denomination struck after World War II, together with estimates for existing coins in the market and their values. Rick Tomaska’s professional interest in numismatics dates back to 1981. He owns and operates R & I Coins (, a company with a mission to be a trusted source for the finest attractive U.S. coins. Mr. Tomaska strives to sell coins to a broad market, from collectors with modest budgets to those making high-end expenditures. Convinced that pleasure should be the guiding motivation for coin collecting, Mr. Tomaska only makes transactions that bring customer satisfaction. With his clients’ trust, he has assisted them in aggregating high quality coin collections, often seen in prominent registries. Among these highly prized collections with a top ranking are the proof Walking Liberty set, the proof Barber half set, and the Seated half set.Respected for his extensive knowledge in coin collecting, Rick Tomaska makes frequent appearances on Barry Chappell’s Art and Coin TV. On this program, Mr. Tomaska discusses details about U.S. coins and the current market.

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