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Work experience


Director of Marketing, Product Innovations

TENNECO, INC. – Monroe, MI2003 – 2010

#1 global manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket shock absorbers/struts and exhaust systems for cars and trucks under the Monroe, Rancho, and Walker brands.Revenues: $6B++, Aftermarket: ~$800MM.

Director of Marketing, Product Innovations

North American Automotive Aftermarket: Monroe Brakes & DuPont Car Care Businesses

Senior management role identifying, launching and expanding new programs/innovations to offset flat/declining sales/profits on core aftermarket shocks/struts and exhaust products.Marketing, P&L and new business/product development responsibilities.Team leader for 12 marketing, sales, engineering, supply chain and R&D professionals.

·Uncovered unmet customer need in brakes for adding installation hardware required to do a brake job right “the first time.”Result: Monroe “total solution” premium brake pads.$20MM business (+20% vs. prior year) in a $1.3B+ category.

·Developed a new product development process using industry best practices ensuring speed-to-market and commercial success, resulting in $500M+ in new brake pad SKU’s, plus a new brake shoe line over 2 years.Best late-model vehicle application coverage among brake competitors.

·Developed and implemented capital expenditure program which changed sourcing strategy from third party vendors to in-house manufacturing saving the business 25% in annual product costs and increased margins by +8.3 percentage points.

·Discovered new car-care chemical technologies, combined with DuPont’s Teflon non-stick ingredient (licensed program), resulting in a completely new class of car-care products using water-based formulations versus solvents.Obtained distribution in 15,000 retail outlets including Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s, Advance Auto, and Auto Zone, resulting in $6MM in sales.


Vice,President, Marketing

#1 manufacturer of household cleaning tools – mops/brooms/brushes and powered cleaning products.Revenues: $130MM.Split ownership between family and a private-equity concern.

Recruited to develop and launch new businesses/platforms beyond just mops and brooms – specifically powered cleaning programs. Marketing, P&L and new business/product development responsibilities. Team leader for 15 marketing, sales, engineering, supply chain and R&D professionals.

  • Identified new need for power in outdoor sweeping; the first water-powered push broom that sprays pressurized water and sweeps dirt away in one pass.Distribution in 15,000 retail outlets including Ace, Lowe’s and Home Depot. Generated $1MM+ sales. Quickie Manufacturing

Director of Marketing, Women's Haircare & New Business Development

Leading global personal care and wellness consumer products company.Revenues: $400MM.Vestar capital partners sold business to Spectrum Brands (Rayovac) in 1993.

Diversified core shaver business into adjacent personal care categories – specifically Women’s Haircare (formerly Clairol) and new Wellness categories (e.g., hand spas and massagers).Marketing, P&L and new business responsibilities that generated $45MM in sales.Team leader for 12 cross-functional professionals.

  • Discovered need for faster drying, combined with patented airflow technology resulting in Vortex Jet Speed dryer becoming the #1 selling SKU for two straight years in a 400+ SKU category.  Vortex Dryer
  • Doubled sales/EBITDA (15% ROS; 10% $ share) in two years, restoring Haircare to pre-acquisition Clairol performance levels. Established Remington as the #3 Haircare brand, versus its historical #5 ranking, as tracked by syndicated POS tracking services.
  • Uncovered need for a consumer products version of a professional spa service: paraffin-wax hand treatments.First to market with Remington paraffin-wax hand treatment system, generating $25MM in sales over two years.Obtained distribution in Sam’s/Costco and specialty retailers.

Director of Marketing, Home Maintenance

#1 global manufacturer of household small appliances (kitchen electrics, irons and lighting). Revenues: $430MM.

Expanded the home maintenance franchise beyond just irons and Dustbusters with new cleaning platforms. Also managed explosive Snakelight product development “road.”Marketing, P&L and new business/product development responsibilities resulting in $200MM in sales.Team leader for 15 cross-functional professionals.

  • Expanded the $35MM Dustbuster franchise with the development of Scumbuster and Floorbuster ($100MM; 15% ROS).Scumbuster was the largest single-dollar SKU in Black & Decker’s 100-year history.
  • Created and implemented Scumbuster direct response TV programming on QVC, which profitably generated over $1MM of retail sales in just one day; a first for Black & Decker.

Marketing Manager, Garment Care

#1 global manufacturer of household small appliances (kitchen electrics, irons and lighting). Revenues: $430MM.

Turned around financially ailing garment care business with new product and global rationalization initiatives.Marketing, P&L responsibility and new product development for the category’s #1 iron brand.Team leader for 10 cross-functional professionals using GE’s “fusion-cell” product development model encouraging collaboration on new functional designs based on consumer needs.

  • Discovered unmet household iron need for consumers – comfort.Result: ProFinish premium irons ($30MM).Rated a 1999 Consumer Digest “Best Buy” with superior steam, glide and comfort features. 21 utility and design patents awarded due to ProFinish’s design/performance.
  • Returned Black & Decker’s Garment Care business to profitability in 1997 ($90MM with 8% operating income) after four consecutive years of losses using new iron platforms and consumer-driven business strategies.

Marketing Manager, Oil/Shortening/Cheese & New Business Development

Kraft, Inc.

Leading branded/private-label oil/cheese/non-dairy creamer division.Revenues: $500MM.  #1 in private-label edible oil categories.


Senior Product Manager, Thompson's Wood Protector/Red Devil Small Can Paints/Finishes

Kodak, Inc.

#1 residential waterproof coatings and small can paints & finishes division. Revenues: $250MM.


Business Manager, Maxfli Golf Balls & New Product Development

Leading global golf and tennis equipment manufacturing company.Revenues: $250MM.  #2 ball on the PGA tour.


Senior Brand Management Roles

Dowbrands, Inc.

Leading laundry aids and hard surface cleaner manufacturer.Revenues: $500MM.  Worked on Spray N' Wash Soil & Stain Remover (#1 in category), Glass Plus Window Cleaner (#2 behind Windex) and Yes Liquid Laundry Detergent - the first combination laundry detergent and fabric softener. 


Entry Level Brand Management Roles

General Mills, Inc.

Leading cereals, baking mix, main meal, snacks, & diary products company.Revenues: $12B+.  Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and Bisquick Baking Mix.






Graduated with honors


Golf, Furniture building and Woodworking, Travel


Senior-level consumer brand marketer driving new product innovations & business-building initiatives; delivering breakthrough results as a General Manager for challenged global brands.


�Innovate, patent and market new consumer products from inception though launch broadening market penetration and leading to increased profitable sales.

�Directs strategic vision from a “fact-based” general management perspective, resulting inproven initiatives that can fix, build or enhance any B2C or B2B business.

�Uncovers unmet consumer needs via research insights and develops successful new concepts marrying innovative and patentable functional technologies.

�Develops persuasive marketing communication campaigns (TV/print/digital) building upconsumer brand equity leading to sustainable sales and trade channel distribution.

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