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  • Quality driven technology executive with a broad skillset and big picture perspective.
  • Extensive history of embedded system development and technology deployment.
  • Proven track record of effectively managing large, cross-functional organizations across geographies.
  • Demonstrated skill and expertise in delivering complex, high quality, whole product solutions.
  • P&L and site management experience.
  • Superior organizational abilities.
  • Strong leadership in continuous process improvement through the use of formal methods.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications abilities.

Patents Pending

Energy Management Technologies

Professional & Advisory Affiliations

IEEE Member

Boise State University Computer Science Industrial Advisory Council Member


Bob Deely

“I have worked alongside Rick for many years beginning at Hewlett Packard, Cypress Semiconductor and continuing with start-up companies. Rick is one of the outstanding individuals I have met in my career. Rick's leadership and business skills are some of his best attributes. His deliverables are high quality, on time and within budget. He is very detail oriented, creative, technically astute, has excellent teamwork and people skills and manages people effectively. Space does not allow me to extol all of his great attributes but he is a very capable executive.”

Jim Nottingham

“I highly recommend Rick Pennington. I have known and worked with Rick for over 15 years, and he is one of the top technical leaders I know. He has a lot of breadth and depth in managing technologies and delivering products across multiple markets and segments, and he is an exceptional people manager. Rick always works with the utmost integrity, and he has a solid track record of making good business decisions - even when they are not popular. I give Rick a strong recommendation - I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.” 

Simon Nguyen

“I have been working with Rick since 2001. Rick is one of the best managers in Cypress Semiconductor. Rick is very dedicated, focused, flexible, adaptable, and result-oriented. In Cypress, everyone, who reports under him, enjoys working under his management. In addition, Rick has been a great leader due to his deep understanding on multi-cultures and diversities, as well as high level technical system skill. One day, I believe, in the right environment, he can potentially be in the executive level because of his unique experience.”

Nishant Sinha

While there are several capabilities that Rick has, I am going to emphasize couple that I've found to be rare. He has great ability to know when to lead and when to be led yet still influence. He can get into any group and at any level, command respect without asking for it and get the work done by himself or others. I've had the opportunity to see him in action, when we worked on operational, strategic, new product development and customer development activities for the new LED venture.

Norm Taffe

“Rick is a very professional senior engineering manager who is detail-oriented and has an exceptional quality mindset. He is strong at both program management and overall site management. His development expertise and background attracted a strong team of loyal engineers to the group he leads in Boise. I strongly recommend Rick for senior engineering management roles.”

Bassil El-Kadi

“Rick is an absolute pleasure to work with. In interfacing directly with Rick, he quickly taught me the importance of prioritizing projects and truly determining the need behind the need and ensuring all details were in place to ensure a successful launch. Rick is not only exceptional at managing a large team and setting a strategic vision, but possesses best in class leadership skills that he utilizes daily with everyone he touches. What impresses me most about Rick is his positive attitude and "get it done" attitude. I provide my highest recommendation for Rick.”

Butch Griffin

“Rick has managed the Boise site providing the development organization for the development kit products for my business unit. Rick has done a great job at both delivering products and delivering business processes that continue to deliver products.”

Kyle Kumasaka

“Rick is one of the best supervisors I have had the pleasure to work for.  Affording my team the resources it needed, Rick recognized the commitment required to conduct the system validation necessary to deliver high-quality integrated projects (software, firmware and hardware). He set high quality expectations for his team, yet did not feel compelled to micro-manage. As significant for me, (as a new manager in semiconductor industry), Rick always made me feel comfortable in approaching him with any issue. Rick Pennington has my highest recommendation.”

Rajesh Ramesh

"Rick is an empathetic leader and a good big picture manager. He provides great leadership to cross functional and cross location teams. He demonstrates a strong positive attitude despite tough circumstances. He is fantastic at taking perspective of individuals and teams and helped me ramp up my team's learning with appropriate challenges. He supported me with the right direction and lots of motivation. With his experience in engineering management, Rick is great leader for any organization/team and I highly recommend him."

Randy Mathews

“While the site manager, Rick supported efforts to make the Boise site a fun place to work while still expecting quality work completed on time. The Boise site had a small company feel with monthy BBQ's and pastries on Friday mornings. In the last several months, Rick has demonstrated his genuine concern for employees at the Boise site. He has spent much time and effort connecting employees to new opportunites using his own networking skills. This effort was done above and beyond his regular duties. Leadership comes in many forms. When it would have been easy to get depressed about future prospects, Rick chose a different way and demonstrated it with his actions. Rick's optimism and positive attitude about the future helped me during this transition time.”

Jarie Bolander

“Rick is a results driven, big picture manager who garners a tremendous amount of respect from his employees, peers and managers. His technical compentence is first rate and he always balances business requirements with technical challenges to deliver high quality products on time. I hope to some day work with him again and highly recommend him for any position.

DeVerl Stokes

“Rick is very business savvy and is also technically savvy. Additionally, he takes good care of his engineers, monitoring their needs and responding accordingly. A joy to work with/for.”

Jeff Line

I have known Rick for six years and have worked with him in his capacity as a site manager for Cypress Semiconductor in Boise, Idaho for approximately half of that time.  My work with Rick has spanned a spectrum of efforts from engineering to helping in management and recruiting.  In all of those capacities, Rick has always been an outstanding leader. His knowledge of engineering, at many levels, is outstanding.  His insights into problems, technical, business and personal are extremelyvaluable. Rick is a team builder.  He sets high expectations for his people and works hard to help them achieve those expectations.  He leads by example.  He is a person who is dedicated to the success of the business and transmits the importance of the mission.  He approaches his work with determination, optimism and a healthy sense of humor.  I find his personal management style to be infectious. I would encourage anyone hoping to improve their management to seriously consider Rick.  He's a remarkable talent.

Darrell Darrell Cox

“Rick has been a colleague for over 15 years, most recently for 3 years as my manager at Cypress Semiconductor and previously as my peer in architecture and design of scanners and laser based printers at Hewlett-Packard, Boise. In every instance Rick is very thorough, very quality minded, very detail and process oriented, very customer focused, an excellent mentor and coach, an excellent engineering director and site manager, always approachable, has keen senses for discovery and root cause, an excellent listener and can derive simple conclusions to complex issues and guide teams be very productive in short order, has excellent teamwork skills, recognizes contributions, and team loyalty comes naturally under his direction. It has been a pleasure to know and work with Rick and I give him my highest recommendation.”

James Cahoon

“Rick is very motivated in the field of engineering management. He is dedicated to self improvement as well as the improvement of those individuals that report to him. Rick knows how to motivate his direct reports and provide the correct amount of leadership based upon the experience of his engineers. Of the mangers I have had in my career, I would rate Rick as the best and highly recommend him.”

Blair Wilson

“Rick is a highly intelligent and well organized motivator of engineering talent. He has assembeld an outstanding team of professionals and I am proud to have been a part of his team.”

Bill Mitchell

“Rick is an outstanding manager. I've enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to do so again in the future. He is technically savy, eloquent and completely trustworthy. Its been a pleasure working with Rick.”

Melanie Rubocki

I work with many entrepreneurs and executives and Rick is top-notch in both categories. He is very focused and organized in his approach to problem solving. He is equally open to suggestions and certainly does his due diligence thoroughly and thoughtfully on the issues he faces.

Deb Matus

“I had the pleasure of working for Rick as an entrepreneur of Cymbrio. Rick is a great innovator with the capability to define a path, and steadfastly and with sound foundation move product concept to reality. His ability to combine good business practices with engineering innovation made for a progressive working envrionment. I admire Rick's tenacity, open discussions, idea generation and professionalism. I recommend Rick to any organization that can take advantage of his broad and deep skill set.”

Work Product Examples

Kolbe A Index

Fact Finder - 8

Follow Through - 8

Quick Start - 2

Implementor - 2


Parallel Optimization of Distributed Database Networks, Proc. Applications of Transputers, August 1989Parallel Implementations of a Branch-and-bound Algorithm for the Optimization of Distributed Database Computer Networks, Proceedings IEEE Region V Conference, March 1988A Parallel Nonlinear Integer Programming Algorithm Based on Branch-and-bound and SimulatedAnnealing, Third Conf. Parallel Processing Sci. Comp., SIAM, pp 126-130, December 1987


Very proficient in both spoken and written Spanish after living in Spain for nearly two years. Frequently communicate with colleagues in Spain.
Coaching, Mentoring, & Recruiting
Consistently get high marks from peers and subordinates for career coaching and mentoring. Actively managed and/or participated in recruiting activities at several of the companies and divisons I've worked at during my career.
Continuous Process Improvement
Lead continuous process improvement efforts through the regular use of Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) analysis, rigorous problem solving approaches like 8D, and lean manufacturing methodologies like the 5S's. Improvements have led to the delivery of high quality work products (RMAs of less than 0.15%). Actively participated in quarterly productivity audits that focused on workplace and development process improvement.
Business Process Development
Led creation of whole product development flows that have allowed significant increases in product introductions (nearly 100%) and shipment volume (over 300%) during a three year period.
General Management
Significant experience managing large teams (headcount up to 55) across multiple sites, both domestically as well as offshore. Analyze TCT data to identify and correct development bottlenecks and to formulate metrics baseline. Actively involved with planning and forecasting to achieve company goals. Manage outsoure relationships, both domestically as well as offshore. P&L orientation. Day-to-day site management experience. Consensus builder management style but not afraid to make unilateral decisions.
Technical Program Management
Continuously manage, often a large number (15-40), technical programs and projects that span a variety of technology and application spaces. Product deliveries have included system solutions for home energy management, 2.4 GHz wireless HID, high brightness LEDs and color mixing, capacitive sense, sensors (wired and wireless), and several USB offerings including mass storage, OTG-Host, and wired HID. Also delivered controller soutions for families of inkjet and laser printing products. All of these were delivered with cross-functional teams and many were managed across company boundaries and geographies.

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

CEO/CTO & Founder


Launched product development start-up to deliver innovative and compelling electronic solutions for the home and small office environments. Organize and manage day-to-day operations that includes business plan development, market research and validation, product development, outsource management, and strategic partner and investor engagements.

  • Created and provide ongoing refinement of company business plans including financial models.
  • Directed market assessment and validation activities to narrow the company's initial focus to the Home Energy Management Systems segment.
  • Led ideation, definition and specification of first three generations of energy products.
  • Engaged third-party industrial designers to create enclosure concepts for Plug2 product family.
  • Engaged outside marketing firm to run initial product concepts through a national consumer focus group. The company's first product received a high product "like" score of 67% as well as a purchase likelihood score of 41%.
  • Worked with legal team to file for patent and trademark protection.
  • Directed completion and deployment of first energy product prototypes. Work included managing the outsourcing of hardware and firmware development, preliminary quality assurance, initial contract manufacturing and fulfillment/logistics engagements, and hands-on testing by consumers in MA, CA, ID, and UT.
  • Presented company background and business plans to outside funding organizations and strategic partners. Work included active participation and dialogue with investment group due diligence team members, individual angel investors, potential equity partners, VCs, and members of the local start-up incubation network.
  • Actively working with engineering team to finalize and introduce product in the spring of 2013.
Mar 2012Dec 2012

Platform Architect Manager

Micron Technology

Leads execution of solid-state integrated light engine products including managing program product/technology roadmaps and cross-functional team deliverables. Identifies, categorizes, and defines new solid-state lighting market opportunities, business models, and innovative product concepts. Selects concepts for feasibility demonstration.

Identifies, establishes, and maintains strong business relationships with potential customers and development partners. Develops “take to market” strategies, guides and consults feasibility teams. Manages strategic business relationships with initial customers and 3rd party partners. Identifies key market trends/competitive landscapes. Identifies and defines new innovative product concepts and solid-state lighting architectures.

Develops new product/architecture specifications. Works with technologists, design engineers, and engineering teams to ensure successful implementation and feasibility demonstration of new product concepts.

Evangelizes new products, technologies, and capabilities.

  • Worked with management to clarify and formalize group vision, mission and status reporting mechanisms.
  • Successfully led formal KT analysis and narrowed potential contract manufacturing partners from more than 25 to one. Managed ongoing performance monitoring and metrics, contract negotiations, supplier management, and supply chain strategies.
  • Enabled quick “what if” scenario comparisons by developing a product cost model with inputs from engineering, operations, logistics, and other departments. Model includes all costs associated with domestic as well as offshore production paths.
  • Delivered product cost reductions in excess of 40%, as well as maximized performance improvements and additional cost reduction opportunities by collaborating with engineering, strategic marketing and innovations group members to investigate new technologies and platforms.
  • Leading strategic due diligence efforts of market segments including customer demand and application requirements, market trends, and competitive pressures.
  • Collaborating with engineering and product marketing teams to identify market opportunities and steer integrated light engine program towards innovation and differentiation with substantial market advantage. Efforts resulted in compelling direct-AC technology platforms that are ready for launch in multiple market segments.
Jun 2006Jun 2009

Managing Director System Products Development & Boise Site Manager

Cypress Semiconductor

Managed delivery of whole product solutions including hardware, software, and firmware for development kits, reference designs, and evaluation platforms for Cypress silicon products. Organizational responsibilities also included QA, technical publications, manufacturing, and silicon validation activities.

  • Directed several development teams across Cypress sites in Idaho, California, Washington, and remote teams in India and China. Direct reports included director-level staff, senior managers and senior technical staff (organizational headcount 22- 55).
  • Coordinated a wide variety of projects (30-45) for Cypress USB, WirelessUSB, programmable timing solutions, optical sensor, and PSoC product lines in support of a customer base that nearly tripled during a 30 month period.
  • Managed day-to-day operations of the Cypress Boise facility (44-55 employees) including monthly expense reconciliations, hiring and retention activities, quarterly reviews, and resolution of all facility issues. Utilized MBWA to stay connected with the employees.
  • Transitioned the System Products Development group to a formal P&L ($7-12 million annually). Actively managed internal development contracts and invoicing (including outsource contracts).
  • Chaired review boards chartered with overseeing product development, quality standards, schedule compliance, and continuous process improvement. Formal methods used included Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA), 8D, and 5Ss.
  • Directed ongoing refinement of Cypress whole product development processes and metrics that resulted in a low RMA rate (less than 0.15%).
  • Oversaw dramatic increases in kit types (nearly 100%) and also kit shipments (over 300%) during a three-year period.
Oct 2005Jun 2006

Software Engineering Director

Cypress Semiconductor

Managed development of firmware, Windows and Mac device drivers, development tools, manufacturing software utilities, development kits, reference design kits, and customer designs.

  • Directed several development teams across three Cypress sites in Idaho and California, and remote employees in several U.S. locations and one in the U.K. (organization headcount 25).
  • Oversaw refinements of Cypress system development processes – provided input and reviewed corporate system solution and whole product plans.
  • Coordinated and drove integration of software and firmware processes, methodologies, and resources after the merger of four internal Cypress organizations.
Sep 2001Oct 2005

Sr. Software Engineering Manager

Cypress Semiconductor

Managed delivery of firmware, Windows and Mac device drivers, development tools, manufacturing software, development kits, reference design kits, and custom designs.

  • Directed engineers across three Cypress sites in Idaho and California and a remote employee in Arizona (organizational headcount 10-13).
  • Actively participated on a team creating the Cypress system development roadmap and lifecycle to formalize the product development process. Helped champion the new process.
  • Coordinated domestic outsourcing efforts to deliver of GNU-based development tools, device drivers for a variety of RTOS environments, and a software/firmware outsource in India.
  • Championed organization and integration of software development between ISD and Cypress.
May 1997Sep 2001

R&D Program Manager

In-System Design (acquired by Cypress in 2001)

Managed delivery of next-gen imaging platforms for consortium of imaging OEMs.

  • Managed two engineering teams (15 direct reports) developing next generation inkjet SoC for OEM partners. Oversaw mixed language development environment (VHDL and Verilog) that included firmware co-simulation.
  • Managed delivery of boot code, power-on diagnostics, and VxWorks device drivers for hardcopy imaging controllers (ink and laser) based on a variety of processor architectures.
  • Led investigation of SoC products including a universal docking station, USB 2.0-to-PCI bridge, USB 2.0-to-Ethernet bridge, and a set-top box compute engine.
  • Directed all company recruiting including on-campus activities at seven northwest universities. Thorough selection process resulted in a low engineering attrition rate (less than 7%).
Oct 1995May 1997

Firmware Development Engineer


Delivered system firmware for next-gen scanner accessory for LaserJet printers.

  • Completed architecture, design, implementation, integration, and test of scanner firmware. Coordinated development of three other firmware engineers.
  • Actively participated as the corporate computer science/computer engineering recruiter at the University of Utah.
Jan 1991Oct 1995

Firmware Development Engineer


Developed next-generation I/O architectures and technologies for LaserJet printer products.

  • Chaired team from eight internal divisions in the definition of the MLC communication protocol (later formed the basis for the IEEE 1284.4 standard). Finalized protocol implementation in the LaserJet 5si and served as technical contact for MLC test suite and protocol tester.
  • Completed implementation of the IrDA IrLMP layer in the LaserJet 5P/5MP and served as the principal technical contact for the development of a third-party test suite and hardware tester.
  • Actively participated as HP representative on the IEEE 1284.4 and 1284.3 working groups and on the IrDA working group (including co-authoring the IrLMP layer specification).
Jul 1988Jan 1991

Software Development Engineer


Enhanced and maintained software components of HP commercial CAEE offering.

  • Enhanced portion the software interface between the HP Electronic Design System and the System Hilo simulator from Genrad, Inc. Ported software components that provided a bi-directional link between the HP EDS design and prototype verification environments.
Nov 1987Jun 1988

Contract Engineer

Omnidata International

Delivery of system solution (hardware and firmware) for USGS contract.

  • Completed the design and implementation of hardware and test firmware for a microprocessor-based remote sensing device. The system included an optical shaft encoder designed for coupling with a float and pulley mechanism.




Utah State University

Thesis: Speed-up of a Branch and Bound Network Optimization Algorithm

Research Assistant: Center for Computer Information Networks Research (CCINR)