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"A very skilled speaker who knows his material -- well prepared and good delivery." - Dan O'Brien, Indianapolis

"Rick does a great job of making people think about the changes they need to make in their lives." - Mike Ketron, Columbus

"Rick is interesting and informative. I can use this information." - Jeff Grossnickle, Bloomington

"A well-prepared speaker who knew his topic well. A very smooth presentation." - Bill Robinson, Martinsville

"A refreshing spin on a wellness initiative. Rick is in his element in front of an audience." - Nicole Fairbairn, Indianapolis

"I would absolutely recommend Rick to any organization. He's very positive and motivational." - Rhonda McDaniel, Fort Wayne

What people are saying about Sound Advice

"Sales teams need every advantage possible to gain a competitive edge. Rick's presentation of the research in Sound Advice brought the techniques to life for our sales team. Improving the team's mood and increasing their awareness on their health allows them to focus on motivating themselves, and each other. Sound Advice is good advice if you need to find the edge for your team."

 - T. Edward Burke

Insurance Executive

 & Sales Training Specialist

"I really enjoyed the statistics and the history behind the stories. I love that Rick does not tell me what to do, he tells me why to do it."

- Renee Casserly

Director of Business Development, Blue Shield of California

 "This book is simple and to the point with great insight and easy guidelines that anyone can follow. If people only knew how much music could improve every area of their lives, they'd snap this up in a minute and not put it down until they read it from cover to cover!"

- Lesha Montoya

Actress and Professional Dancer

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I have always been keenly aware of the impact music has on the quality, intensity, and enjoyment factor of a workout. Joyless workouts are almost always the reason exercisers quit. Feeling good in the process of pursuing fitness is key to adherence and that's why you should always include music that makes you feel great! Rick Notter explains these phenomena and others in an easy to understand format yet backs it up with research.

- Alison Hoye

AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, National Institute Fitness & Sport

I've always felt the magic that music holds while listening and even singing. Rick's book put my feeling into words. The book is full of interesting, sound (no pun intended) research that will make your brain spin. Since reading, I have incorporated music into my everyday life to relieve stress and enhance my moods. It has inspired me to find a way to use music to help my patients. Music really does influence your outlook and this book backs this fact up with science. I admire Rick's willingness to share with his readers his personal family tragedies and how the blessing of music helped, not only to get them through their valleys, but lift them to a higher place.

 - David Sauls

Paramedic, Philadelphia

I have had the fortune to meet and hear the author speak on a few occasions and can honestly say that what I read in his book is exactly how he lives his life. He knows more about music and its effect on the human psyche than anyone I've ever met. In his book he backs up his writing with great references from Albert Einstein to William Burroughs and researchers from University of Chicago. "Sound Advice" is a fun read down memory lane. Mr. Notter quotes many great song lyrics from Van Morrison to the Beatles and describes how the words improve our feelings and emotions in a positive manner. The book is an easy read because, unlike some similar books on this subject, it avoids a lot of the hardcore technical psycho-babble, and makes it easy for the layman to understand. I look forward to Mr. Notter writing a sequel sometime down the road. 

 - Joe Grant

Owner, Liber-Amator Bookstore

Speaker, Author, Motivator

As a professional speaker, Rick Notter has presented to groups ranging from several people to several thousand on a variety of topics including increasing productivity, motivation, technology, sales, the art of the interview, and effective listening. His talks are upbeat, energetic and inspiring. He gives his audience techniques and strategies they can use to their advantage in the workplace and at home.

Rick Notter has over three decades of experience as a writer, public speaker and television personality. As an entrepreneur, he started three successful businesses and sold all at a significant profit.

Rick has won awards on his writing and reporting from: The Associated Press, The Society of Professional Journalists, The Radio and Television News Directors Association, The College Sports Publishers Association, The Indiana Psychological Association,  and The Indiana Dietetic Association. He has received numerous honors for his achievements in sales and business as well.

Rick is an avid student of music, psychology, business, sales, motivation and technology. Sound Advice is the result of years of research on music and the effects it has on humans.