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Sales background includes both channel sales and enterprise direct sales.  In both inside and outside sales roles have exceeded quotas and opened new accounts and markets. Hunter personality.

Marketing background includes Product Marketing, Channel Marketing, Field Marketing and Marketing Programs Management that drives sales results (sales based marketing approach-solution selling support) that supported both inside and outside sales teams.

Early adopter of using CRM & SFA based demand generation programs. Began this approach in 1998 with SalesLogix; then Siebel and since 2001 using Salesforce Marketing Campaign features or Eloqua or Exact Target.

Marketing Campaigns have been multi touch using email, telemarketing, efax, direct mail, trade shows and webex or webinars.

Web 2.0 training includes being recent alumni of InBound Marketing University training on using business blogs, search engine optimization, social media channels (Linked In, Facebook, Twitter), best practices on email marketing ( lead nurturing to effective landing pages). Analytic training in Google Analytic s to Google Keyword.

Work experience

May 2008Present

(Contract)Sales Consultant

AT&T Mobility

Pilot program to expand sales within the Boston district of Radio Shack stores for National Retail Marketing Group. Drove themed marketing event days while also piloting sales/product training for both stores and district.

Problem: National Retailers like Radio Shack had not received any full featured training by AT&T in 3 years and were consistently asking for training on both sales, services and devices offered.

Solution: Adapted and modified both AT&T training materials and vendor education materials to produce a customized sales, services and products training program that inspired improved morale and confidence from store managers to associates.

Results: Key metrics showed astounding improvement with an overall increase of 365% in business for second half of 2008 even as the market began softening.  Results in my area were twice as high as regular full time employees within National Retail Group in NE Region.

Jul 2007May 2008

Contract Sales Consultant


Pilot program to market FiOS service via National Retailers.

Problem: Most of the marketing and sales collateral's were either too technical or vague for the average consumer or business. 

Solution: Developed more "user centric" collateral's and handouts. Incorporated a "Friends, Family and Neighbors' follow up email template that resulted in 25% new business in referrals.

Result: Working out of Circuit City location in Burlington within 4 months this location became the #1 Store in Northeast and in Top 3 for US for Verizon sales of FiOS.  Became the location to train new hires in best practices on marketing FiOS.

Nov 2007Feb 2008

Marketing Programs Manager Channel Marketing

Pilot role for this 2000 "Start up" in the Open Source network security space became the first Marketing Programs focused Channel Marketing Manager for North America.  Focus on demand generation for VAR recruitment and Lead Generation for existing VAR's.  Rolled out 3 Integrated Marketing Campaigns in first six weeks.

  • Campaign focused on gaining foothold with Sonicwall VAR's across North America
  • Campaign focused on gaining mindshare with Barracuda (email) VAR's.
  • End User campaign targeting non-profits Archdiocese's in North America leveraging case study.
Nov 2006Feb 2007

Field Marketing Manager Eastern Region

Pilot role as first Field Marketing Manager for Eastern Region of U.S. for this $175M security appliance, email security and backup/recovery software manufacturer; which is 100% channel sales focused. Supported 8 TSM's, 5 sales engineers and 2 field product specialists covering East Coast of U.S. and Canada. Worked from home office and traveled six days week.

  • Increased quarterly partner road shows by 40% from 5 to 9 with same budget.
  • Added 5 additional regional and national trades shows with same budget.
  • Launched multiple lead generation programs via Salesforce and Eloqua to acquire both new VAR's and drive end user demand for existing VAR's.
Feb 2005Jan 2006

Sales/Marketing Operations Manager

Interview Exchange

2002 Start up focused on Software as Service (SaaS) HR Solutions. Recommended and recruited (see reference) to move this 2002 Start up into sales and marketing launch.  Successfully captured new accounts by focusing marketing efforts on Higher Education and Legal verticals in a highly competitive and overcrowded field of other Talent Acquisition software and SaaS vendors.

  • Implemented, populated and pro-actively used CRM/SFA email marketing to drive lead generation. Leveraged trade shows, targeted direct mail and email campaigns along with webex demo's to build a pipeline of sales.
  • Developed and presented white paper on "Best Practices in E-Recruiting" for professional associations such as CUPA-HR, SUNY-HR, SHRM and NEHRA.
  • Designed new vertical market demo's that were delivered via Webex or via web site.
  • Established both formal and informal partner agreements with leading employment ad agencies to leverage relationships and reduce sales cycle.
  • Feature enhancements by having job approval requisition work-flow added to collaborative document management module. 
Jan 2002Jan 2005

Marketing Programs Manager

Momentum Global Ltd

Start up founded by ex-OneSecure staff focused on Channel Marketing and Distribution to VAR's for 16 Network, Security and Software vendors. 

  • Implemented CRM/SFA Marketing Automation and acquired database lists on both VAR's and end user vertical markets.
  • Drove demand & lead generation for both vendors and for VAR's with end user's with targeted email, seminars and telemarketing.
Jan 2001Sep 2001

Technical Marketing Engineer

OneSecure Inc.

Start up MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) focused on managing Checkpoint, Cisco and Netscreen devices for firewall, VPN and IDS. A Venture Capital funded Denver, CO HQ based firm which in late August decided to exit the business and sell technology to Netscreen (now Juniper).

  • Managed the Salesforce SFA on regional basis, including populating database and developing email campaigns for Eastern Region and targeting telemarketing efforts.
  • Closed the first hardware sale for Northeast over the phone.
  • Initiated and closed first combo security appliance and 3yr. MSSP agreement with $100M Insurance firm within 90 days.
  • Assisted the NE Channel Marketing Mgr in closing multiple partner/VAR agreements.
Sep 1999Sep 2000

Product Marketing Manager

Shiva by Intel

Shiva a $200M leader in remote access and VPN solutions acquired by Intel and renamed Shiva by Intel.  Remote access products EOL (end of lifed) in summer 2000 and remaining VPN product line sold off in 2002.

  • Asked by the GM and Director of Channel Marketing to take charge of large sales opportunities focused efforts across multiple departments to add $5M in incremental sales to the $20M product line.
  • Initiated joint marketing program with i-Pass to add wider acceptance of Shiva by Intel VPN.
  • Established co-marketing with ISS to include BlackIce Defender personal firewall with Shiva VPN client.
  • Licensed Certicom Client/Server ECC solution to add support for mobile clients (BB, Palm, HP)
  • Re-launched VPN Client Deployment Tool with significant enhancements including a beta program that provided customer testimonials for new VPN Family Product Launch.
  • Developed new pricing plan bundling Shiva Radius, Certificate Server and VPN client deployment tool to leverage multi-unit sales of new VPN Concentrator Family.
Sep 1998Sep 1999

Channel Marketing Manager

Optical Access International

Privately held, 10 year old firm with 25 employees focused on optical access storage. In addition to its end user business OAI had developed CD ROM storage solutions for both Apple Computer and Compaq Computer.

In August of 1999 PrimeArray acquired OAI.

Initially hired as Sales System Engineer lead efforts to roll out SalesLogix for CRM/SFA and Marketing Automation while working with CEO, VP MKT and Marketing Mgr's. After implementation of SalesLogix both the CEO and VP MKT asked me to lead efforts in utilizing SalesLogix by ramping up efforts to turnaround the Western Region by moving to Channel Marketing role.

  • In first 60 days of aggressive demand generation the Western Region was outproducing both of the other regions by 30% and within six months more new VAR's had been brought on in the West than the other two regions combined. 
  • First 30 days sales exceeded $100K and in 120 days were at $125k month.
  • Successfully concluded agreement to have DTP Direct (one of the largest Adobe reseller's in the U.S). to market OAI's solutions into the desktop publishing/graphic arts market.
  • Leveraged relationship between Apple Marketing and its Education VAR's to increase OAI sales by 50% in the Higher Education Market.
  • Established statewide buying program for K-12 Education in CA via California Technical Assistance Program making OAI defacto standard.
  • Established joint marketing program with The Learning Company to pre-install CD titles on OAI solutions for K-12 Marketplace.
Jul 1996Sep 1998

Consultant Networks LAN/WAN

Network Assistance Inc.

Independent consultant focused on network, desktop and project management of LAN/WAN design, upgrades and migrations. Clients included Union of Concerned Scientists, South Shore Hospital, Natick Army Labs, OneSource Information and Results Consulting Group.

Sub contract work for both Andersen (now Accenture) and Digital Equipment's Network Integration Group (now HP) for clients like General Cinema.

Feb 1994Jul 1996

Systems Manager MIS

Stryker Biotech, also known as Stryker Orthobiologics, develops orthobiologic products for bone repair. The company's products include Osteogenic Protein 1 (OP-1), a naturally occurring human protein used in bone repair and regeneration. Stryker Biotech is suby. of Stryker Corporation a multi billion dollar orthopedic medical products company.

Contract to Permanent role. Successfully rebuilt this start up division's network/client infrastructure and then rolled out enterprise level applications that were standards for rest of the 13 divisions. Email (Lotus) including internet email, Great Plains Accounting, SAS, Clinical Trials databases, document management, web site and complete remote and mobile support infrastructure. Successfully handled two re-locations to larger spaces.


Continuing Education Workshops


Bachelor of Science

Boston Univeristy
Jun 2009

Certificate in On-Line and Social Media Marketing

Inbound Marketing University
Dec 1993

Certificate in LAN Admininstration

Boston University


Bill Hoffman

Rick brought his company on at OAI and ramped them up with training, buddy calls, trade shows and demand generation programs for the K-12 Market.

Bill says he is "brilliant" with new technology. Rick helped to push the very difficult to understand Optic Link (CD information towers) for the education market.  He said Rick could really explain complex technology in a way the end user could understand and find meaningful for his business.

When asked how Rick compares to others in same environment.  Bill said "I'm not blowing smoke when I say he's one of the three best technical marketers I have ever worked with."

He describes Rick as being very out-going with high energy, and a good balance of persistence and patience. He said he thought Rick would thrive on position where he is able to network and juggle different programs.

Jeff Danzig

Rick's co-worker at OneSecure and then partner at Momentum Global.

"Rick is very technical, motivated and aggressive person. He is a strategic person who can look at a VAR's business and find the right customer solutions to showcase. Really great phone skills and develop relationships over the phone like no other."

"He is excellent resource for any company. He is always on top of metrics and a hard worker. He also has great presentation skills and is very diligent."

Tim Fox

Rick I just wanted to thank you for the hard work, dedication and commitment you've shown on the Verizon FiOS program. Even though I'm moving to RIM/Blackberry stay in touch!  2/01/08 Tim

Team, I wanted to show you what Rick Hird, our man in Burlington, MA does for every order he does. The detail and follow up is impeccable!

Doug Floyd

Rick worked for him as a Technical Marketing Engineer. Doug also recommended Rick for start up called Interview Exchange when the President wanted a one stop shop sales and marketing guru.

"Rick is a strategic thinker and very analytical. He is excellent at sensing the potential for business and can evaluate both the subjective & emotional side together with the analytic to determine whether a valid opportunity exists.  He is good at explaining new technical concepts to client while overcoming objections.  A real numbers person."



Adobe Creative Suite
MSOffice and OpenOffice
CRM/SFA/Marketing Automation