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Growing up, Rick Benisasia worked for his family's transportation business in Ontario and he later attended George Brown College where he studied real estate. Upon completing his courses, he worked in the industry with his mother, learning much about business and people skills. After three years of collaborating with his mother, in 1990, Rick Benisasia established his own enterprise, a transportation company called ABA Rick Moving and Storage Ltd.

Rick Benisasia's first business became a success, as he was raised around the transportation industry. After three years, he expanded by starting a second transportation company, Move Master Ltd. Shortly thereafter, he decided to branch out and invest in commercial real estate. He purchased his first commercial property in 1996. A year later, he purchased an adjacent site and began buying, repairing, and reselling real estate for profit, while still holding his first purchase. Soon after returning to real estate, he sold his two transportation companies due to an industry-wide business decline.

Coming from a highly entrepreneurial family, Rick Benisasia and his parents immigrated to Canada from Guyana in 1981. As a first-generation immigrant, he has been attuned to the needs of newcomers to Mississauga. Recognizing that the area lacked funeral homes that supported the customs and religious traditions of Southeast Asians, he sought to create one. Utilizing the profit from the sale of his transportation businesses, Rick Benisasia started the process of creating Benisasia Funeral Home Inc. In 2002, he opened the doors of Benisasia Funeral Home to local immigrants and minorities with need for his services.

The mortuary still operates today, and he has expanded to a second location in Toronto. In addition to founding this business, he serves area immigrant communities by giving to local Hindu and Sikh charities.

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Benisasia Funeral Home Inc.

Provide funeral services specifically tailored to the cultural and religious practices of the Southeast Asian Community from India, Guyana, Trinidad and Sri Lanka and everywhere else. Ensure the daily operations of the business run smoothly.


George Brown College