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Rick Hardt

English Language Teacher & Writing Coach


  • 8 years English Language Teacher & Writing Coach
  • Solid International & Intercultural Background
  • 380+ Students & Clients

Work History

Dec 2007Present

English Language Teacher & Writing Coach

1). Independent Business Owner, English skills tutoring. 

2). Cartus Intercultural and Language Solutions, relocation specialists for Microsoft: Have taught 350+ clients and their family members in one-on-one sessions ranging from 20 hours over several weeks to 100's of hours over several years. 

3). Bellevue College Writing Lab tutor (2007-2010)

All aspects of English, English as a Second Language, & Writing skills development:

Writing: Analyze samples of writer's own emails, reports, papers -- then, collaborate to improve:

  • Grammar: Identify, explain, correct errors. Improve word & phrasing choice accuracy.
  • Clarity: Reduce wordiness, redundancy, ambiguity. Raise non-standard English to standard.
  • Flow: Transition sentences & paragraphs. Present logically, chronologically, or consequentially.
  • Feature & Highlight: Revise, rephrase, & reorganize to ensure what's important gets noticed. 
  • Credibility: Support & illustrate claims with research, stats, expert opinions, or stories.
  • Impact: Craft content to deliver impactul, on-target messages.

Vocabulary: Customize useful word & phrase banks, then design & employ exercises to capture & own them so can first, understand the speech of others, and second, use them ourselves to express our thoughts, wants, & needs.

Pronunciation: Inventory challenging words & sounds, then design drills to improve accuracy and thereby understandability.

ConversationImprove fluency during live verbal exchanges by expanding vocabulary of frequently encountered words & phrases, drilling to improve pronunciation clarity, and explaining correctness of grammar, choice, & usage.

Resumes & Bios: Refine content & design layout (20-25 delivered to date).

Test Prep: SAT, SSAT, AP courses, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL

Intercultural Communication, US & World: History & Culture:

Enable newcomers to the US to become more comfortable in common scenarios so they can better appreciate & enjoy differences between cultures on the ground of our common humanity. 

  • Deep passion for mutual appreciation of individual & cultural diversity..
  • Solid grounding in world history & cultures.
  • Lived and taught in Russia 15 mos, India 1 mo, & Philippines 1 mo.

Educational Entrepreneur -- Turned part-time business into full-time by:

  • Maintaining conversion rate of 15% wins out of 2,000 bids in highly competitive environment answering RFP's (Requests for Proposals) for ESL tutoring to Microsoft international transfers & their family members as part of relocation packages.       
  • Word-of-mouth referrals by own private clients & students.



Maharishi European Research University - Vlodrop, Holland

Creating World Peace (Awarded for courses taught and taken in field)


Maharishi European Research University - Seelisberg, Switz.

Science of Creative Intelligence (Consciousness as a field of all possibilities)


Indiana University - Bloomington