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Work experience


OneAccord, LLC

National partner-based management consulting firm offering best in class senior sales and marketing expertise on a project, interim or permanent basis to early stage through mid-market companies.

  • Serve as Executive Leadership and lead development of sales and marketing strategy, structure, tactics, processes and systems for a specific industry
  • Equip clients with sales turnaround, strategic planning and commercialization expertise
  • Fine tune or completely manage the implementation of new product launch or business strategy
  • Provide market research, business plans, advisory board strategy and development, executiveassessment and financial intermediary for capital raise and M&A.


Pro Tech Communications, Inc

Promoted to spearhead the planning and building of all operations for the corporation, consisting of an offshore headset manufacturing operation, a call center, and a business telephone systems integration business.  Duties include overseeing new product development, manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales, risk management, along with securing equity and debt financing in order to achieve corporate financial goals. Report to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • Negotiated then managed the acquisition of a majority interest in the corporation for $3.5 million in September 2000.
  • Redirected by board in June 2001 to develop an acquisition strategy for several target companies and negotiated a letter of intent with one targeted company.
  • Grew the business from ground zero to $4 million in run-rate business in two years
  • Established an exclusive reseller agreement with the 3M corporation for the resale of the    companies headsets worldwide
  • Organized and presented at numerous road show events in New York City, Boston and Atlanta
  • Invited to present as a call center operations expert to a semi-annual conference for financial services operations executives

Northeast Business Development Executive

Built and managed a multimillion dollar professional services start-up for the corporation, providing network and systems integration services for customers in the states of New York and New England. Recruited and managed a highly successful team of 51sales consultants. Reported to the northeast region business manager.

  • Grew profitably from $12 million to $53 million in four years
  • A three-time Corporate Challenge of Excellence winner.  An annual award to the top 1% of field  managers based upon corporate management excellence criteria
  •  A five-time North East Region Management Excellence award

New Ventures Manager/Disaster Recovery

Recruited by new ventures group to establish a multimillion dollar disaster planning and record storage operation in support of the northeast region. Reported to the corporate new ventures business manager.

  • Created a disaster planning consultative practice in support of major financial institutions and insurance carriers in New England
  • Established local partnering agreements with all of the Big 6 accounting firms
  • Held the number one U.S. position in revenues and operational excellence for the duration of tenure


Lanier Business Products

Establish new accounts in the financial services industry. Received numerous local and national sales and business development awards



BUSINESS OFFER:A high-performance C-level executive in early stage and mid-market new ventures in advanced technology who can provide immediate impact. A catalyst for growth. Key contacts with several large accounts. Responsible for developing sales pipelines in the $40M - $75M range while maintaining a 90% customer retention rate.

CONSISTENT SUCCESS IN INVESTOR BACKED, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY START-UPSDrive growth, generate revenues, capture market share, improve profits, and enhance value in domestic and international markets. Mentor, motivate, and lead high-performance business development teams.MARKETING STRATEGIST & TACTICIANSecure feasibility, development, and commercial partner agreements. Spearhead successful market penetration / product launches for emerging technology companies and multinational R&D, manufacturing, and global distribution enterprise. EFFECTIVE AND WHOLLY ACCOUNTABLE IN HIGH- PROFILE EXECUTIVE ROLES Overcome complex business challenges and make high-stakes decisions within fast-paced, high-pressure environments using experience-backed judgment, innovation, strong work ethic, humor, and irreproachable integrity. Respected as motivational, lead-by-example manager, change agent, and proponent of empowerment and accountability. A VISIONARY THINKER WITH GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE AND ENTREPRENURIAL DRIVEKey contributor to enterprise-level planning and decision-making. Valued advisor and requested consultant to board members, investors, and top-tier executives. Recently conceived and executed corporate strategy, raised funds, and secured in / out technology license agreements for capturing lead market position in a emerging technology market niche. STRONG ORIENTATION IN OPERATIONS AND FINANCEActing CFO for five years for most recent public start-up. Maintained all corporate banking, SEC, legal and public accounting relationships. Developed process initiatives in operational infrastructure design, cost control.


Advisor, consultant and interim manager for growth companies in the areas of business strategy, sales and marketing, customer acquisition, business development, global expansion


To obtain a project, interim, or permanent engagement that challenges me and my organization.

Including, but limited to:

  • Stalled growth
  • Early stage opportunity
  • New Product launch
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital  due diligence 




M&A, Business Valuation