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Loan Saver, Inc. “LS” and its online Mortgage Portal; has been created to “Educate” and “Protect” the Homeowners of America. Through the use of its proprietary “Content”, “Video”, “Social Community” and “Blog” LS will deliver a lay men understanding of the Mortgage Industry and those that represent it, while enabling homeowner’s to “socialize” with other homeowner’s nationwide in the LS “Community” by registering their unique “Profile.”




University of Binghamton

About Richard Preisig

Richard Alexander Preisig Jr. founded his company,, with the intent to empower homeowners who may otherwise not have the time or ability to thoroughly investigate the cadre of so-called “professionals” offering them services for everything from insurance to refinancing. Seeing an opportunity to help people and drawing on his background in business and reputation management, he founded a company that successfully blends social networking aspects with professional networking. On the website, community members have the unique opportunity to share their feedback, ask each other questions, or post a blog about an experience they have had with one of the site’s professional profile registrants.

Additionally, members can increase their own base of knowledge by watching Loan Saver's educational videos and by keeping current on the news that is important to them. All members of the community have their personal information securely stored, allowing them to retain their privacy and remain completely secure. The "Professionals" listed on the website have no way of contacting members, and only members can initiate contact with them. In short, gives the "Power (back) to the People." Prior to founding, Richard Preisig founded the reputation services management firm American Reputation, Inc. Mr. Preisig is a graduate of the University of Binghamton, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Social Science & Human Development. In his spare time, Preisig enjoys reading, listening to music, playing golf, and flying kites.


Reading, Listening to Music, Golf, Flying Kites