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Since graduating from Ohio University in 1978, Rich Moonblatt has amassed a high degree of expertise over 27 years as a professional corporate recruiter. Rich Moonblatt has worked with a variety of clients in both the public and private sectors, helping with their recruitment campaigns and matching them with talented individuals seeking employment. Rich Moonblatt has collaborated with major companies and organizations such as the Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae, as well as The Washington Times and The Barrister Global Services Network. In 1998, Rich Moonblatt joined RecruitCom, a firm in Silver Springs, Maryland, that helps businesses in a variety of industries with domestic and international operations find the right executive-level talent for the right position. In 2000, Rich Moonblatt won an $18 million contract from the United States Census Bureau to recruit 3 million census takers for the 2000 census, an initiative that remains the largest peacetime recruitment drive enacted by the United States government. Rich Moonblatt continues to use his experience and talents as Managing Partner and Recruitment Director at RecruitCom, and he also makes time to work with the Whitman-Walker Clinic in its fight against AIDS. At home, Rich Moonblatt enjoys relaxing in his garden and kitchen.

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