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Systems Engineer/Administrator with experience in Endpoint Standardization. I have the experience to view the environment from 10,000 feet as well as 10 feet.Looking to move to a management role where I can provide direction and an efficient, cost justified environment.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Senior Desktop Engineer

Meritain Health

Provide Desktop/Server Support for 1700+ Local and Remote Users-Create/Maintain images using Sysprep and Symantec Ghost-Deploy images using Altiris Deployment Server-Deploy software to machines using Altiris Deployment Server and Notification Server-Develop VBScript to accomplish tasks such as reconfiguring network adapters and changing security settings

PrintAudit-Implemented PrintAudit to track all printing in company-Create custom web reports to track key printing concerns such as:--Printing by user/printer--Top 40 largest print jobs This/Last Month-Save money by identifying users abusing printers and identifying inefficiencies.

Implemented Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)-Test and approve patches into the environment-Supply reporting to management-Create a series of replica servers to relieve WAN stress

Software/License Management-Develop scripts for the installation of software in a consistent manner-Mass deployment of applications-Mass deployment of application upgrades-Create custom MSSQL/Excel reports to validate license/usage counts-Responsible for maintaining license compliance with vendors

Group Policy (GPO)-Create and maintain GPOs to configure the workstations and supply as consistent and reproducible an experience as possible for the users

Acquisitions/Migrations-Work on teams responsible for migrating systems and users to our environment after an acquisition.

Reporting-Other reporting as required using MSSQL and Excel

Altiris Products-Asset Management-Symantec Management Console-Helpdesk-Workflow

Aug 2006Dec 2009

Software Delivery / Application Support


Regional Inventory Refresh- Developed a Lotus Notes Database to hold the Inventory- Collected information about current and retired machinesusing both old data and researching on vendor websites- Implemented database across entire regions of North and South America- Now responsible for maintaining this data

Provide Desktop/Server Support for 500+ Local and Remote Users- Lead a team responsible for regional desktop support- Currently creating a library of user help documentation to empower theusers to perform basic tasks such as password resetting- Developed an intranet site for users to add networked printers from anynetworked location- Handle repair issues including:    Spare Parts    Warranty Repair Issues with Vendors    Procuring new machines (replacements and additions)- Developed a Lotus Notes Database to track equipment purchasingand approvals used regionally- Re-organized the approval process to a new standard across the region

Developed and implemented software and hardware standards for the globaldesktop environment.- Implemented Altiris Solution for standardizing, deploying, managing,and maintaining software and computer hardware remotely- Work on a global team to review strategy and standards for the use ofthis tool throughout the entire company and document process- Develop scripts for the installation of software in a consistent manner- Defined a Standard Operating Environment which includes software thatshould be on all machines in the company.- Created an intranet site to publish this information to the business- Currently systematically removing all non-approved software

 User Management- Create users in the Active Directory- Lock/Unlock users- Manage logon scripts for configuring the desktop and user profiles

Responsible for all Support in a Canadian Office- Manage phone system including adding/deleting users- Manage security system including access card system

Nov 2004Aug 2006

User Documentation and Training Specialist

Provided continuing education for Appraisal State Certification requirements- Conducted seminars for appraisers on appraisal software- Answered industry questions based on available dataContributed to Discovery Phase of Virginia Department of Transportation Project (VDOT)- Defined and documented VDOT’s workflow process- Suggested possible improvements to process and defined points forautomationProvided internal training to all staff- Updated or re-created all training materials and curricula- Responsible for new hire orientation- Trained staff on new features and the work process for new clients- Tested staff for internal certificationsEstablished a training room for new employees and ongoing training of staff- Created new network nodes in existing infrastructure- Reinstalled and configured Windows throughout the companyDeveloped a new software calculator for customer service improving efficiencyTested new software components for public release- Checked calculating fields for accuracy- Verified form design for compliance with Appraisal Institute Standards- Tested usability of new functionalitySupported form/database software and web applications via telephone


Professional Certifications


Mar 2008Present

Altiris Certified Professional

Sep 2002Present

Microsoft Certified Professional

Sep 2002Present

A+ Certified

Sep 2002Present