• Izmir ,Turkey

Richie Vinoth Ramanan

Industrial Systems Engineer



Work experience

Work experience

Project Trainee

Jun 2015 - Sep 2015
Eldor Elektronik Ve Plastik Malzemeleri Üretim Ve Tic. A.Ş., Izmir (Turkey) 
  • Determining and performing calculations time for each operators activities and its frequency in a shift
  • Calculating the total working time and not working time of the operators.
  • Preparing the Responsibilities list and Activity list for the direct and indirect operators.

Technical Functions Trainee

Aug 2014 - Aug 2014
BOSCH Themoteknik, Manisa (Turkey) 

Time & Efficiency calculation of the conveyer machine.
▪Cycle Time Measurement
▪Ideal time Analysis

Computer Skills


Microsoft Office

Arena Simulation Software


Optimizing the Stock Levels of Combined Filters Produced at PhilSA(September 2015- Present)
This project is based on a cigarette production company and it is about planning and optimizing the
stock levels of combined filters produced in manufacturing area.
There are three main reasons to hold safety stock for combined filters.
▪ 1.Machine capacity: Because of downtimes, holiday etc. capacity illustrate significant changes.
▪ 2.Unpredictable demand: Due to deviation in customer demand.
▪ 3.Long setup time: In case of size change of combined filters take up to 2 weeks to change from
108 mm to 126 mm or vice versa (on average 5 times in a year).
Our main purpose, optimize the inventory level of in-house produced recess and combined filters by
maintaining 100% availability for cigarette production.