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Richard Surber, Nexia Holdings, NXHD, Style Perfect Inc, Black Chandelier Inc, Landis Salons Inc, corporate and securities law, entrepreneurialism


Nexia Holdings, Inc. is guided by Richard Surber, JD, an expert in real estate development and business growth strategies. Nexia’s holdings comprise subsidiaries Style Perfect, Inc., Green Endeavors, Ltd. and a portfolio of real estate properties, which Richard Surber is seeking to expand to add further value to the corporation.

Specializing in managing eco-friendly businesses, Green Endeavors, Ltd. owns a controlling interest in Landis Salons, which operates two locations based on Aveda salon concepts and products. Richard Surber has attracted leading salon talent to Landis, and by acquiring more Aveda locations across the country, he intends to bring the company to national prominence.

Richard Surber’s recent acquisition of Revel Entertainment LLC under Nexia Holdings, Inc. may prove to be his most successful venture. As in his work with Landis Salons and Green Endeavors, Richard Surber plans increased revenues and vigorous expansion over the next several years for Revel Entertainment LLC.

Alongside his work with Nexia Holdings, Richard Surber is a practicing lawyer and a member of the California bar. Richard Surber earned his Juris Doctor at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney School of Law.

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Chief Executive and Financial Officer

Nexia Holdings, Inc.




University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law