A diverse financial services professional based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Richard Redaelli laid the foundation for his success in capital management as an employee with Mutual of Omaha. During an eight-year tenure with the firm, Mr. Redaelli received various company honors and sat on the Chairmen’s Council. Today, Richard Redaelli assists senior citizens in the management of funds and the securing of assets for retirement nest eggs through his business, Redaelli Financial. Upholding a commitment to client specialization, Mr. Redaelli offers recommendations in matters of annuities, stocks and bonds, real estate investment trusts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and CDs. Aware of the many factors affecting individuals preparing for retirement, he also assists clientele with life insurance and long-term care plans. In order to provide clients with the resources they need, Richard Redaelli collaborates with several established ventures in insurance and capital management, such as Brookstone Capital Management, Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Old Mutual Financial Network, RBC Financial Group, and Midland National Life Insurance Company. Additionally, he maintains a partnership with Strategic Financial Solutions, a firm boasting considerable experience in the industry. Through these connections, Mr. Redaelli extends personable service with strong backing. His successful approach garnered inclusion on Goldline Research’s list of leading wealth managers as well as a featured profile in Senior Market Advisor. Dedicated to providing the utmost in customer satisfaction and unwavering honesty, Richard Redaelli belongs to the Association of Independent Fee Advisors, the Arizona branch of the Better Business Bureau, and the National Ethics Bureau.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2002 - Present


Secured Financial Solutions, LLC.