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Work experience

Dec 2008May 2009

construction worker


The work I did fro this company was construction work. We would run fiber-optic cable from manholes to buisness buildings. Also, set pipes for underground work. And, also worked in aerial work running telephone cable, and taking out telephone poles that were not needed and replacing asphalt concrete.

The skills that I gained from this company was how to work in aerial construction site. Aso, the different types of tools needed for aerial work.

Sep 2008Oct 2008


The work I did for this company was assemble catherers for the human heart. We would work in a clean room and use sterile equipment to assemble our work. I would assemble catherers using different hand tools like rulers, tweezers, blades, microscopes, etc.

The skills that I gained from this company was more knowledge of the use of the catherers. Also, how to work in a sterile environment.

Jan 2008Aug 2008


The work I did for this company was construction work. We would work outside fixing and replacing telephone lines underground. I would help the splicer wire cables to replace any torn cables/damaged or phone lines. I would use machines like amp clamps, but-set  " same as a regular phone ", all the equipment needed for construction work.

The skills that I gained from this company was the knowledge to how to splice telephone lines. Also, what color cables were pairs. And, how to check of a phone line has static problems and fix them.

Apr 2007Dec 2007


The work I did for this company was shipping and receiving. The line of work I did was build electrical power structures for different companies. I would do wire harnessing, wire cables to make power machine function. I also use a stand-up/sit-down forklift, propane forklift. Also, did the check off list on the receiving side, and make sure we had the correct materials. The kind of hand tools I used were crimpers, scissors, rulers, all other different tools for the assembly of the structures.

The skills that I gained from this work was the knowledge of the use of each cable, also how to read the planner sheet. Also, how to drive a forklift, build pallets, and how to use  new hand tools. And, the reason why we build those structures, and the occassions their used for.

Jul 2005Mar 2006


Rancho Pacific Telecommunications

The work I did was construction work. In this company I would place fiber-optic cable for high speed internet. Also, was a foreman and I would manage workers. And, place concrete in damaged streets, fix any broken water lines.

The skills that I gained from this company was the ability to learn about placing cables underground, fix broken pipes and replace them. And, how to use tools like the jackhammer, generator, missiles, and other equipment use for work.

May 2003Jul 2005

cook/close restaurant

Carl's Jr. Restaurant

The work I did was fast-food preparation. We would work in a clean environment, sanitize our equipment. I would manage new workers and show them how to cook, clean. We also learned how to clean and sanitize the fryers. And, all the responsibilities that needed to be done in the back kitchen, and gave a checklist of the work needed to be done. Also, close the restaurant, count money, clean the playground, fix any broken parts in playground.

The skills that I gained from this company was the ability to cook all the food on the menu. And, how to work in a fast-but efficient pace. Also, I learned what the different machines were used for, and I learned how to be able to work around sharp equipment.


Jan 2006May 2007


ITT Technical Institute

The degree that I was going to pursue was computer network systems. I only assisted for one year, but I was able to learn the different parts of the computers, also how to install new computer software into the computers. And, how to be able to diagnose any computers viruses and fix them. I also took college mathematics and english classes.

Aug 20012005

HS Diploma

Murritea Valley High School


The skills that i have for assembly is: the use of different hand tools needed using microscopes, rulers, tweezers, crimpers, snap-gauge operate machineries- as indicated on operating manual  
Shipping and Receiving
The knowledge that I have for shipping and receiving is: sending/receiving merchandise on a timely manner making sure all labels are correct on shipping packages checking off received materials on work orders
Construction Equipment
The types of construction equipment I am familiar with is: jackhammer  concrete/asphalt machines  air compressors, concrete saw  underground missiles chain saw  
I learned how to use a stand up/sit down forklift as well as a propane forklift. I do not have current forklift license, but I am willing to push myself and regain my license.


My personal objective is to work in a company that has stability,  growth. And, also find a career that intrests me, as well as pushes  me to gain more knowledge.


My personal intrests are:

  • playing soccer
  • travel
  • playing guitar
  • shopping
  • going out with my family