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Work experience

Procurement Agent I, II

Tektronix, inc.

Recognized for contributions to: Identification, qualification, and outsourcing of aluminum and zinc die-castings; Inventory disposition of raw aluminum sheet stock; Reduction in cost per pound of aluminum sheet stock.

Senior Buyer/Buyer Supervisor

Fender Musical Instruments, Inc.

As a supervisor:

  • Managed two junior buyers and an administrative support person.

As a buyer:

  • Identified, implemented fixed pricing strategy for custom built transformers, reducing cost, lead-times.
  • Sourced, qualified alternate, offshore suppliers for printed circuit boards, custom speaker assemblies.


Zygo Industries, Inc.

Recognized for participation in Supply Chain Management for outsourced printed circuit board assemblies for a 128 key integrated communications device.


Vision Plastics

Developed, selected supplier, and implemented systems contract for office supplies.

Commodity Specialist

Intel Corporation

Recognized for contributions to:

  • P860© Virtual Factory Bill of Materials Transfer project
  • Launch of Mobile Pentium III© Processor
  • Commodity Management Bill of Material Review process
  • Product Cost Benchmarking process
  • Cost Reductions in the Bill of Materials for 10/100 Adapter Products
  • Risk Avoidance and Supply Chain Management for Year 2000 transition
  • Participation as a “Super-User” in SAP® implementation world-wide at Intel.

Senior Buyer/Project Manager

Tidland Corporation

Identified need for cost reductions. Through supplier qualification, competitive bidding, identified cost reductions, exceeding goal by 187%.

Senior Buyer

Employment Trends, Portland

Contractor/Senior Buyer.

While working at my first contract with Radisys Corpration, was recognized for my contributions to the success of their Phase One china Transfer Project, transferring the manufacture of key circuit board assemblies to offshore subcontractors.

My second contract with Suntron Corporation led to permanent employment with them.

Senior Buyer

Suntron Corporation

Identified need for outsourcing of programming of custom integrated circuits. Developed process, identified and qualified suppliers, increasing quality, reducing inventory, lead-times.

Senior Buyer

Vanguard EMS

Negotiated with strategic suppliers, developing reduced lead-time, committed supplier inventory program, reducing lead-time, holding costs, excess inventory.


Senior Buyer

Lam Research, Inc. (Novellus Systems, Inc.)

Machined products, in ferrous, non-ferrous, and some synthetic materials. Also procuring integrated products, as well as weldments,



Certificate of Completion

U.S. Marine Corps

Certificate of Completion

Department of The Navy

Certificate of Completion

Center for Leadership Studies

Certificate of Completion

State Of The Art Software

Certificate of Completion

Portland community College

Certificate of Completion

Portland Community College

Certificate of Completion

Army/Navy Academy

Key Recognitions

Miscellaneous Acknowledgements

Examples of work


To work in a purchasing team as a non-managerial member with a medium size company. As part of the purchasing team, my skills and abilities can be utilized to further the departments' position within the company


Travel (local only, had enough interstate/international travel in previous lives).

Motorcycling (Local rides, street cruiser only).

Reading (Religious writings, James Clavell, Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy).

Photography (Nothing special, just enjoy seeing where I've been).



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