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Work experience

2012Oct 2013

Head of Transformation

Thomson Reuters

Requested by CTO of F&R to drive unification/rationalization strategy to converge desktop and data feed business, while aligning with wider Thomson Reuters’ platform strategy. Defined, agreed, and successfully executed roadmap to deliver, overcoming initial long-standing organizational silos, internal politics, disengaged key participants, and little to no management buy in or ownership.

Impact: Made gainful strides towards removing massive duplication between the desktop, data feed, and corporate technology functions, enabling savings of ~$95M in a few years.

  • Positioned technology for $45M in savings via delivery of enhancements in Administration/Entitlements systems.
  • Allowed for +$50M in savings by developing agreed plans to deliver consistent content to desktop and feed products.
  • Ignited unprecedented cultural change, which broke down silos and enabled key technologists to freely collaborate.

Global Head of Business Operations, Eikon

Thomson Reuters

Selected to lead organisational transformation programme and deliver key internal initiatives within desktop organization, comprised of 2000 employees. Led 50-member global programme management team to deliver functional enhancement and maintenance projects across product/platform to improve efficiency and productivity company-wide.

Impact: Introduced massive change in short period, resulting in more nimble response to user feedback from quickly evolving Eikon product and exponential increase in migration.

  • Scaled delivery teams’ geographic footprint from 35 to 7 global locations, significantly reducing complexity.
  • Boosted teams’ performance while reducing size by recruiting new talent and exiting bottom 15% of organisation.
  • Shrunk delivery cycles from years to months by introducing single Agile methodology to all development teams globally.
  • Focused team on most valuable business priorities by implementing clear, transparent prioritisation across business units.
  • Increased transparency and productivity via adoption of single supporting toolset.

Global Head of Platform Technology

Thomson Reuters

Progressed to drive operation, enhancement, and maintenance of newly launched strategic platform/product, Eikon, during critical post-launch phase, as well as many legacy desktop products. Oversaw global technology organisation of +1500 employees to address key functional gaps and subsequently convert 100,000 customers to new platform in aggressive timeframe.

Impact: Improved Eikon’s performance and stability, thus restoring confidence in desktop product/platform.

  • Addressed product issues swiftly, preventing harm to Eikon’s and firm’s reputation.
  • Achieved 100% improvement on key test cases and reduced defect count 50% for high severity issues in 6 months.
  • Reversed trajectory of suspended customer rollouts to realize a 300% growth in user install base in just 6 months.

Global Head of Delivery Sales & Trading Desktop

Thomson Reuters

Created and delivered Eikon product and platform, from concept to global deployment and commercial launch.Grew team from ~30 to 50 and managed budgets of ~$150M across multiple cost centres. Expanded scope of responsibilities to drive programme and project management function across Sales & Trading desktop. Led ~2000 people globally involved in programme through complex organisational matrix. Directed 8 major sub-programmes and delivered 50 contributing projects.

Impact: Played essential role in delivery of high-stakes Eikon initiative to secure company’s desktop business.

  • Saved ~$95M and additional ~$120M via delivery of Eikon, which shutdown multiple legacy products/platforms.
  • Fused Eikon together after 3 years of development and testing by stabilizing scope and pushing for launch.
  • Rallied cross-functional, global delivery teams to exceed expectations by gaining their trust, buy-in, and commitment.
  • Bridged gaps between senior management and the front lines through transparent and constant communications.
  • Chaired executive-level steering group, reporting to senior management up to and including the CEO.

Programme Manager, Business Projects Group


Recruited to heighten firm’s execution ability, as member of small, elite internal team of consultancy programme managers. Built and led teams in delivering mission-critical initiatives across Reuters business.

Impact: Stepped in to take over, turnaround, and deliver long-failing infrastructure programmes.

  • Rescued and drove delivery of faltering high-profile platform and subsequent product launch.
  • Defined and implemented standard product delivery methodology for firm, in collaboration with peers.

IT Development Manager

Lloyds Bank Securities Services

Promoted through a series of increasingly demanding roles to lead all of company’s internally developed software. Ultimately built in-house team to maintain and develop systems, thus eliminating costly consultants.

IT Development Manager (1999-2000)

Application Platform Manager (1997-1999)

Programme Manager (1996–1997)

Analyst Developer/Team Lead (1994–1996)

Back Office Settlements (1989–1994)