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Passion to Perform with the Chops to Deliverdelighting tech customers with beautifully-crafted marketing promotions that motivate, simplify, and accelerate purchase decision-making

B2B Marketing you can BELIEVE IN

I transform advanced networking technologies into competitive, value-add business solutions. To learn more, download my 7-step PowerPoint guide:

Marketing is a CONTACT Sport

Serving as an advocate of the customers' interests, I engineer potent value-competitive market claims that stand up under customer due-diligence. A 15-year hi-tech veteran, my core strength is authoring persuasive business-case product positioning and value propositions based on a tech solution's genuine competitive advantage drawn from customer applications.

Integrated Campaign - Metro WiFi

Network Solutions Brochures


Keith Chipperfield

“ . . . unique ability to digest complex technical issues and generate compelling technical marketing collateral.

" . . . communicates through 

creative graphics, and plain English

to effectively reach the targeted audience."

>  full referral via LinkedIn

Donald Stalter

" . . .  gets more work done in a span of time than anyone I know.

" . . .  has an engineers deep knowledge

about technology. 

“  . . .  genius for design, and 

communicating complex ideas 

in eye-catching graphics."

>  full referral via LinkedIn

Natalie Wright

“ . . . multi-faceted marketing individual able to craft an entire campaign targeting the specific audiences at my events.

"His understanding of the face-to-face marketing milieu was extraordinary

I had people look at a brochure or an ad and say, 'That's Terawave'. They may not have known Richard, but they knew his images and style."

>  full referral via LinkedIn

Focus on Value and Marketing ROI

Work experience

May 2008Feb 2011

Marketing Director


Marketing DSL line extension equipment, targeting global  xDSL networks  Extensive focus on video over IP, dynamic bandwidth control for VDSL2, QOS assurance. 

Migrated perception of this vendor from a garage-shop startup to being recognized as a credible, global solution provider - leveraged the value of the company to achieve $10M buyout.  Responsible for comprehensive re-branding and positioning of this tech as a network solution delivering a compelling business case for telecom operators.  Wrote, designed & produced all outbound messaging supporting investor relations, product packaging, distributor promotions, market research, marketing collateral, sales presentations, and corporate website integrating aggressive lead generation.  Samples: Value-Proposition Whitepaper    VDSL2 Network Brochure    Website I authored, designed & managed

Apr 2009Aug 2010

Marketing Consultant


Broadcast OSS system delivering policy-based assurance for broadcast media transportRealtime video QOS assurance across hybrid commodity networks -view brochure

Wrote, designed & produced all outbound media for video transport marketing collateral, sales presentations, and  tradeshow signage. Authored business-case whitepaper

Jul 2005May 2008

Marketing Manager

Rim Semiconductor

Chipset manufacturer for telecom industry, targeting the VDSL2 marketExtensive focus on video over IP, dynamic bandwidth control for VDSL2, QOS assurance.  

Managed investor relations, authored stockholder presentations, designed product packaging. Authored product positioning & PR platform after extensive market research, authored all marketing collateral, sales presentations, and corporate website. samples:  Cupria Chipset Datasheet   Telecom Sales PPT    VDSL2 Network QOS App Note   


MarCom Manager

Vivato, Wide Area Wi-Fi

Manufacturer of carrier-grade wide-area Wi-Fi networking systems

Branding manager responsible for commercializing Vivato's unique Wi-Fi solution for wide-area IP connectivity

Hired out of Terawave by my previous CEO.  Managing contract vendors and provided hands-on copy writing and desktop publishing, I re-vamped Vivato's strategic and tactical messaging and supervised a vertical marketing program spanning 8 markets.   Samples:  Niche Market Website   Application Case Study Video  Case Study Application Note   Sales Preso

ACHIEVEMENTS • Authored & published core value proposition for product, trained sales force • Documented actual deployment cost-comparisons for eight verticals, authored case studies • Authored direct marketing for three market niches - hospitality, logistics, & metro applications  • Supervised and produced 10-city roadshow focused on the hospitality industry, components included    web registration, magazine ads, we banner ads, direct mail, and direct eMail  • Generated leads & RFPs boosting revenue 50% quarter over quarter


Manager, Strategic Marketing

Terawave Communications

Carrier-Grade Broadband optical networking system and Broadcast Video Transport 

Brand manager responsible for commercializing TeraPON, an optical networking solution for SONET, ATM, and IP-video connectivity

Reporting to VP of Marketing, recruited out of AFC to manage product and corporate promotions for pre-IPO startup. Responsible for all outbound and investor marketing of broadband access technology. website landing page

DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT - Supervised team of two employees producing fully integrated marketing communications. Established and maintained all MarCom timelines, annual budget, vendor selection, employee recruitment and training, project cost management, and lead generation programs.


•  Initiated web-based eMarketing

•  Selected and Installed automated Lead Management

•  Supervised two corporate websites

•  Initiated solution-centric product application notes and sales presentations

• Planned and executed direct mail outreach

•  Championed ROI-based system overview describing competitive benefits of Terawave broadband solution

•  Analyzed trades publications and structured media buy

•  Managed liaison with IT department for web and digital media facilities


•  Designed new corporate identity

•  Designed and produced all print collateral

•  Designed and produced global advertising

•  Authored sales presentations

•  Designed produced & managed

•  Designed animated system tutorials

•  Designed and produced all tradeshow signage

ACHIEVEMENTS - Saved company $300,000 in 6 months by replacing outside agencies and producing advertising, web site, and tradeshows inhouse. 


Marketing Services Manager

Advanced Fibre Communications

Multi-service network access equipment - ATM, SONET, DSL, DLCs

Branding manager responsible for commercializing AFC's carrier-grade networking solutions worldwide

Earned President's Millennium Award for Outstanding Service for three new-product launches.


• Initiated new-product branding strategy for DSL product

• Responsible for industry research defining market drivers and competitive advantages

• Developed product positioning platform for DSL, SONET, and ATM technologies

• Supervised the company’s first direct marketing campaign

• Developed launch proposals, timelines and budget projections

• Responsible for on-time, on-budget program completion

• Initiated solution-centric product positioning strategy

• Authored global distributor program, sales presentations, roadshows, and tradeshows.


•  Authored all AFC sales presentations for APAC, EMEA & Americas 

•  Designed animated system tutorials

•  Designed and produced Chinese tradeshow exhibit

ACHIEVEMENTS - Using a direct-selling multimedia CD, cracked major new markets previously closed to AFC by the competition. Established new $20M revenue stream in 90 days with this product launch.

Animations Demonstrate Value

Managed 4 Corporate Websites

New-Product Launch Specialist

Fully Integrated MarCom

PR, Publications & Awards

New-product feature stories in Outside Plant, Americas Network, Telephony, Semiconductor International, Manufacturing Materials and Testing

Feature stories on  computer graphics in Communication Arts, Computer Graphics World, Computer Graphics Today, Computer & Electronics Marketing, The International Television Journal, and VideoPro



Video documentary production grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, 
California Arts Commission, & Berkeley Arts Council. 
Corporate Recognition - recipient of President's Millennium Award for EMAX product launch at AFC


Direct Marketing Pro

Influencing Purchase Decisions



Southern Methodist Unitversity


Direct Marketing / Lead Generation
Select high-response lists for each market segment. Negotiate discounts and testing / re-use privileges. Solicit pro-active broker relations to help select new issues.  Supervise all data processing for Nth-selecting test cells, de-duping, address correction/certification, and carrier-route presorting to maximize postal discounts. Extensive knowledge of test kit matrices for exploring pricing & premium offers Email Marketing via web-based tools; Sales scripts for cross-selling and upselling; website integration via landing pages Translate copy into 5 languages with careful attention to cultural traditions & idioms Install four department-level desktop publishing facilities.Define quality-control procedures to assure reliable film output. Hands-on proficiency in Quark, Illustrator, & PhotoShop.
Market Influencer, Solution Evangelist
Transforming complex technologies into easy-to-understand, thoroughly competitive, value-add business solutions Advocate of customer interests, I engineer potent value-competitive market claims that stand up under customer due-diligence.  Value propositions based on a tech solution's genuine competitive advantage drawn from customer applications.  Shepherd thought leadership across marketing, engineering & sales teams to optimize product/solution positioning.  Collaborating with C & VP levels I successfully re-frame tech sales as strategic business solutions that directly serve the customer's core business goals
Digital Media Design & Production
Hands-On Adobe Creative Suite     •  Flash Animation     •  HTML coding     •  PowerPoint                     “  . . .  genius for design, and communicating complex ideas in eye-catching graphics."