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Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Computer/Embedded Systems Engineer

Originate Labs

Embedded development for ultra-low powered microcontrollers using chips provided by Texas Instruments, Microchip, and Freescale. Developing backend tools to run analytics using the latest Web 2.0 technologies (Ajax, Spring, Hibernate). Performing Quality Assurance for contracts and in house projects. Responsible for designing, integrating, and maintaing in-house Originate QA Testing Framework.


[ONStor] Development on fully scalable clustered NAS solution for the enterprise allowing customers to maximize their total cost of ownership and avoid the vendor lock-in of traditional offerings.

[Top Talent] Candidate Assessment Platform that provides tools to help screen, organize, and assess potential candidates for hire.

[IntelliSocket] Power monitor and controller using the MSP430 and SimpleTI wireless network. Provides mobile devices with access to monitor and control any devices plugged into the smart outlet. Targeted for home automation, energy conservation, and security.

Jul 2006Dec 2007


Office of Student Computing Resources

Web development using PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and AJAX. Developed front end and back end tools for administrative purposes. In addition to web development I was also assigned the task of creating a bootable cdrom for all Windows Operating Systems (excluding Vista) that would be used by faculty and staff to clean and repair student computers.


Aug 2002Dec 2007

Computer Engineering

University of Arizona

Minor in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

As a student I participated in several large scale projects supported by the University of Arizona and other large companies including Raytheon, Boeing, and Honeywell.

• Solar car: (August 2006 - August 2007)

      Participated on a team that focused on the modification of an existing vehicle to improve

      performance, efficiency, and safety. Gained experience working in public relations while promoting

      engineering and alternative energies. Group presentations were conducted to WISE, Alternative

      Energy Expo, and Tuscon Elementary Schools.Lead Developer on Battery Monitoring System 

      using  C-language.

• DARPA Urban Challenge (January 2007- December 2007)

      Participant on a Senior Design project involving hardware and software in loop simulation. Primary

      responsibilities included serving a team leadership role and project management for software in

      loop simulation and testing.

• Aerial Robotics Club (November 2006 - May 2007)

      System integration of tracking antenna, ground station, and robotic airplane. Lead developer      for interfacing and designing a tracking antenna that implemented the great circle equation.       Communication via COM port (Additionally, IP based to support JAUS in the near future).

• Polygraph Machine (January 2006 - May 2006)

      Designed using 68HC12 Microcontroller and adhesive disposable IR sensor. Developed to read 

      oxygen levels, heart rate, and conductivity of skin.


Designing and integrating the Originate Testing Framework built using Perl. A complex yet efficient framework utilizing multi-threaded objects and abstract design to provide a well rounded environment for running quality assurance on telecommunication networks, data warehouses, and web services.
C/C++ is primarily what I use for low-level hardware programming (in addition to assembly, MIPS, and verilog).


When I'm not at work I am usually doing some physical activity, be it hiking, biking, playing volleyball, basketball or golf. I enjoy traveling to new countries and experiencing new cultures, trying new foods and seeing new things. So far I have been to Europe, Asia, and Japan to name a few. But I have just barely scratched the surface of what is out there and plan to extend my travels as far and wide as I can.

Other Skills

• Simulation/Computation: Cadence PSpice, Xilinx, MATLAB, Max Plus II

• Operating Systems/Source Control: Subversion, Windows, Unix/Linux, OSX

• Labratory experience with oscilloscope, digital multi-meter, function generator and logic analyzer

• Microcontroller experience with PIC18F, Freescale HC12, and Texas Instruments MSP430 series