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Boasting 15 years experience as a video-games developer, operating as both a Games Designer and a Producer/Associate Producer. Experienced in dealing with outsource companies, other 3rd party outlets, managing various size teams both locally and remotely. Also experienced in a government environment, and more recently in the digital sports wagering business.

Specialties: MSOffice, Visio, MS Project, Adobe CC, JIRA, Confluence, and various bug-tracking tools. Have also developed a good working knowledge of VBA and SharePoint.



Visio has been used for various tasks during my career, in both Games Development and Government. Examples include Level Design "beat-sheets" and 2D maps, flowcharts / business process maps, org charts (manual and automated) and seating plans. I've also developed graphics in Visio for webpage and interactive visuals, strategy maps, timelines and reporting.

Technical Writing

Used in developing and breaking down gameplay mechanics, combat strategies, and level walkthroughs as part of the GDD, TDD, internal wiki, or other repository/library resource. For Production duties technical writing has helped structure and co-ordinate milestone deliverables, weekly and monthly executive reports, bug burndowns, risk and mitigation reports, and testplans.


Excel has helped with scheduling, financials and tracking, data mining, analysis and reporting (dashboards), forms, surveys, data entry, and manipulating employee data for reporting/org chart development. I have also developed some skill in VBA, capable of analysing code, integrating new functionality and debugging/re-factoring.

Adobe CC

More recently re-acquainted myself with Adobe suite (notably Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop) while brushing up on Graphic Design. Creating graphics, manipulating type and reworking photographic elements are skills I've not forgotten and have allowed me the comfort of working across both Mac and PC.

Work History

Aug 2013Jun 2015

Senior Test Analyst (Mobile)

  • Software testing mobile applications, and some web through SDLC
  • Heavy use of SQL, TFS, DevTrack and Jira
  • Manipulating host systems and backend utilities 
  • Working across multiple test environments, platforms and projects
Jul 2011Jul 2012

Project Officer (HR Technologist)

Department of Public Works
  • Extracted payroll data to build/automate organisational charts (several thousand employees)
  • Developed visualisations for HR strategies/business models
  • Created several eLearning courses (SCORM)
  • Built workforce surveys in Excel and online tools (SurveyMonkey)
  • Engineered a training registration database in Access
  • Maintained department wide HR portal for training (SharePoint)
Dec 2005Oct 2010

Assistant Producer / Producer

Krome Studios

Published titles:

  • Blade Kitten (PS3, X360, PC/Steam)
  • SWTCW: Republic Heroes (PS3, X360, PC)
  • Hellboy: The Science of Evil (PS3, X360, PSP)

Worked on several other concepts, and an unpublished project

Jan 2000Jan 2005

Producer / Games Designer

Eurocom Entertainment Software

Published titles:

  • Predator: Concrete Jungle (PS2, Xbox)
  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (PS2, Xbox, GC)
  • Rugrats: I Gotta Go Party (GBA)
  • Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire (GBC)

Started a couple of concepts that became released projects (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Winter Olympics)

Jan 1997Jan 1998

Jnr Project Manager

Acclaim Studios London

Published titles:

  • Constructor (PS1)
  • WWF Warzone (GBC)
  • Bust a Move 2: Arcade Edition (GBC)
Jan 1995Jan 1997

QA Tester / Senior Tester

Probe Entertainment Ltd

Published titles:

  • Extreme G (N64)
  • Bust a Move 2: Arcade Edition (N64)
  • Constructor (PC)
  • Forsaken (PS1, PC)
  • Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands (PS1, Saturn, PC)
  • Alien Trilogy (PS1, Saturn, PC)
  • The Fantastic Four (PS1)
  • Hexen (Saturn)
  • Die Hard Trilogy (PS1, Saturn, PC)


Chris Firrell

Chris was my direct manager during the bulk of my time at DSITIA.

Leigh-Anne Goldsmith

I reportedly directly to Leigh-Anne while at DPW.

John Whiston

John was my direct supervisor at Eurocom and Krome.




“I worked directly with Rich on several projects while at Krome Studios and from the beginning you know the project is in safe hands. Despite the stresses that can happen around milestones, Rich is like the lighthouse in a storm, the guiding light that helps the team focus on reaching the milestones fully intact. He communicates fantastically with all departments and makes sure everyone is on the same page, addressing any hiccups along the way. Task management, knowledge of TRC requirements and communication are all strong points with Rich. Now mater how busy he is, he will always find the time to answer any questions or concerns. In the course of a project, occasionally audio can be forgotten for various reasons, but not with Rich on the team, every department is considered from the beginning making the project flow as smoothly as possible.

Rich's ability to micro manage to the smallest detail never ceased to amaze me, nor did his dedication to his role, and for those reasons I can't recommend him highly enough and would jump at the chance to work on a project with him again.”

Jamie Campbell, Sound Designer, Krome Studios

“Richard was a great mentor for me in my first production role. His experience and knowledge of producing video games is vast, including scheduling, tasking, localisation, project planning and publisher relations. When giving direction he is always informative and concise in what is required as well as willing to answer any questions regarding the work.

During the development of project it was great to work on a team with Richard as he instils confidence in the entire team. Even at the most chaotic of times he is grounded, thinking both clearly and logically on tackling the issues at hand. I look forward to seeing where Richard goes next and I, as well as many others, would be happy to work with him again.”

Timothy Dansie, Asset Co-Ordinator, Krome Studios

“I worked with Richard Foster on Blade Kitten. I was the external Producer at Atari, and Richard was my source for everything internal at Krome. Without exception, Richard was able to clearly deliver the information and results I needed. He kept me in the loop on the development schedule, and was accurate in his estimations on bug closures. He was able to speak to technical and creative issues. He made sure we got the screenshots and marketing materials we needed. He was a strong advocate for his team, and a fantastic partner. I would gladly work with him again and gladly recommend him.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jonathan Moses, Senior Producer, Atari Inc

“I had the pleasure of working with Richard on Krome's New IP titles and was impressed with how well he was able to execute upon tight deadlines, and report into me with clear risks providing solutions. This characteristic is one that I look for in true Producers in the game's industry. Richard's spectrum of game development talents span technical scheduling, milestone tracking & review, scope capacity planning, QA and publisher reporting. I wish Richard well in his Producing career - highly recommended.”

Marcus Fielding, Studio Manager, Brisbane, Krome Studios




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