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About Richard Formato

A successful venture capitalist, Richard Formato spends much of his time working as a fishing guide through Industrial Gear and Tackle in Wytheville, Virginia. Recognized as one of the best teaching fishing guides throughout the United States, he is especially fond of teaching beginners, and he largely focuses on teaching fly-fishing, a sport that he feels people all ages can enjoy. Due to his fishing expertise, Richard Formato has been featured on a number of television and radio shows, including the Outdoor Channel and ESPN. He previously wrote for the Roanoke Times as a fishing columnist, and he currently hosts the Angler Management radio show.

Richard Formato has been fishing for more than 15 years, having started out as a self-taught fisher. During his early years as a fisher, he found several mentors, including George Daniel and Bruce Wankel, from whom he learned a wide range of tips and techniques. He first became interested in competitive fly-fishing in 2007 when he went to a trial for Team USA in Michigan. He later went on to win the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Tournament twice, and he became a captain for Team USA Midwest. He also is a former Team USA member and head coach of Team USA Youth.

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