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Richard Farrant, a resident of Hickory, NC, enjoys spending time with his family and can often be found with his loved ones at the beach or shopping. In addition to spending time with his family, Richard Farrant also takes time to coach a baseball team, and he is an active donor and volunteer within his local Hickory community.Richard Farrant enjoys watching his son play baseball and spending time together with his family. Fans of New York who love to travel, Farrant and his family go on vacations every other weekend when there are no baseball tournaments taking place. He and his family also enjoy going to the Horse Show where his wife is often shown on the Show Circuit, an event that typically takes place in Arden, NC, or Camden, SC.As the coach and owner of the Hickory Thunder baseball team, a 13-and-under travel baseball team, Richard Farrant has brought baseball to children who would otherwise be unable to afford to play the game. He pays for all the costs involved, from tournaments to uniforms and equipment. He is also planning on opening a facility within his local community with batting cages and agility training for athletes and nonathletes, adults and children alike. He plans on naming the facility Big League Hitting, Home of Hickory Thunder Baseball.Richard Farrant also takes time to donate school clothes, shoes, and toys to Longview Goodwill and second hand stores within his local Hickory community about four to five times a year. In addition, he donates to the Humane Society on a yearly basis, and in order to support his son’s cause, he also gives to Kony Invisible Children 2012 on a monthly basis. He has volunteered for dog adoption events, and he and his son attended Paint the Night, an event hosted by Kony 2012.

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