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Attorney Rich Berkon has handled criminal defense legal matters throughout Southern California for over a decade. As an undergraduate at San Diego State University, Richard Berkon studied biology, aerospace engineering, and criminal justice. Rich Berkon left San Diego State University in 1990 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from California State University, Hayward (today California State University, East Bay) two years later. Richard Berkon received his Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 1998. Rich Berkon’s first job after leaving law school was with the San Diego County Public Defender’s Office as one of six lawyers hired during that year, and he was immediately thrust into trial work.

Richard Berkon successfully defended a client charged with a DUI during his first week. Over the course of his tenure with the Defender’s Office, Rich Berkon tried over 30 cases and oversaw hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases. After leaving public service, Richard Berkon joined a major criminal defense firm as an Attorney for two years and worked for Nimmo Law Group, a criminal defense firm, for an additional two years.

In 2009, Rich Berkon opened his own law firm, The Law Office of Richard D. Berkon, Jr., in San Diego, California. In his private practice, Rich Berkon focuses primarily on crimes with extreme consequences, such as murder, attempted murder, narcotics trafficking, three strikes cases, sex crimes, burglary, and robbery. Richard Berkon personally handles all of his clients’ cases and makes himself available at all times. Richard Berkon also regularly writes a blog for his website, delving into issues related to criminal law and criminal jurisprudence.

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