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Sep 2008Jun 2012


Empire State College


Computer Skills - Windows OS
A PC owner since the age of 8. Excellent troubleshooter of software and hardware issues.
Worked on various cinema movies, drama series, and commercials.
Reliable and steady. Looking for more opportunities to gain experience.
Editing - Adobe Premiere
Fast and reliable for editing short, medium or long projects. Including sound mixing and some color correction.
Studied photography as part of my major with beginner and advanced levels. Professionally worked for events and weddings.



·Excellent Arabic

·Excellent English

·Good French

Education History

·Central College Jounieh: Grade 1 – Grade 9 (1991-2002)

·American Lebanese Language Center: BT1 – BT3 (2002 – 2005) Majored in Business Marketing.

·American University Of Technology: Audio Visual Student (2005 – 2009)

·Dean’s List Spring semester 2007

·Dean’s List Fall semester 2008

·Empire State College student (2008 – present)

Work Experience

A.U.T. Course Projects:

·3 min Short Movie: D.O.P.: “What You Wish For” (2010)

·3 min Short Movie: D.O.P./Editing/Acting: “Saturday, 12:59pm” (2010)

·Short Movie: D.O.P./Editing: “Le Cloun Triste” (2010)

·Video Clip: D.O.P./Editing In My Place- Coldplay (2009)

·Documentary: D.O.P./Editing. Saving The Egg (2009)

·Video Clip: D.O.P./Acting “Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet” (2009)

·Commercials: D.O.P./Acting (2009)

§Wild Tiger (stop Motion)



·Video Report: The Cafeteria: Editor: AUT News (2009)

·Short Movie: Director of Photography\Editing. “Lei?” (2008)

·Video Report: Camera Operator. Forbidden Childhood (2008)

·Video Report: Camera Operator. TDK Lebanese Band (2008)

·Video Report: Assistant Camera. Tuned Cars (2008)

·Documentary: Assistant Camera Operator. Belly Dance (2008)

·Sound Editing: Remake of “Finding Nemo’s” Soundtrack (2008)

·Video Clip: Director/D.O.P./Editor. “Lilly –Aaron” (2008)

·Photography: 9 different projects/concepts. (2006-2008)

·Video Clip: Actor/Concept/Assistant Director/Final Editing: “Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes” (2007)

·Stop Motion: The Scissor (2007)

·Stop Motion: Mating Pens (2007)

·Green Screen Exercise: Painting Scare (2007)

·Short Movie: D.O.P.: Help! A Beatles Tribute (2007)

·Video Report: Director. Fidar Bridge (2006)

·Video Report: Assistant Camera Operator. “Shab Men Loubnan” (2006)

-Events Organizer

oAUT Art, Culture and Knowledge Club (founder)

·ACK Club Launching Day 2007

·Santa’s Town 2007

·Music Rush 2008

·Sing Your Heart Out! Karaoke Night. 2008

oUnderrated Parties: Media Consultant\Event Organizer

·Disturbance Indie Force 2011

·Vampires Are Indiegenous 2011

·What’s My Age Again 2011

·Cowboys and Indieans 2011

·You Only Live Once 2011

·Aliens Exist 2011

·Tripoly Car Free City 2011

·Friday I’m In Love 2011

-Event Photographer A.U.T. (2007 - 2008)

Work Experience:


-Event Photographer

·A Cocky Conspiracy (Concert) (2009)

·Into The Pit (Concert) (2008)

·A Heart For Phillip Fundraiser (2010)

·Fete De La Music (Sessine Place) (2010)

·Disturbance Indie Force (The Bulldog Gemayzeh) (2011)

·Vampires are Indiegenous (The Bulldog Gemayzeh) (2011)

·What’s My Age Again (EM Chill Mar Michael) (2011)

·Cowboys and Indieans (Obros Pub Hamra) (2011)

·You Only Live Once (EM Chill Mar Michael) (2011)

·Aliens Exist (Black List Club Hamra) (2011)

·Friday I’m In Love (Pasteur Gemayzeh) (2011)

-Wedding Photographer (3 weddings) (2009)

-Billboard Ad Photographer

·Al Jamhoor School+ Ministry of Social Affairs PSA (April 2010)

-Sound Technician: RBF Sound (2007)

·30+ Weddings

·Miss Lebanon of Immigrants

·3 Trance Events

-Assistant Sound Engineer/Perch-man

·“Scenario” Drama Series. Green Productions. (Oct 2009 – Mar 2010)

·“Eno” Commercial (Mar 2010)

·“Shot Energy Drink” Commercial (May 2010)

·“Smeds” Commercials (May 2010)

·“Mega Outlet” Commercial (July 2010)

·“Asfouri” Cinema. Directed By Fouad Alaywan. (Oct2010 – Jan 2011)


·Director of Photography: Belgian/Lebanese Workshop (Tripo 08) long movie.

·LGU student video-clip “Ya Bayrout”

·NDUShort Movie: Director Of Photography. Falsome Robbery (2008)

·Underrated: Soundtrack of the City (documentary) (November 2011)


·Nemer Bou Nassar “Epic” @ Casino Du Liban (6 nights) (June 2011)

·Nemer Bou Nassar Standup Comedy at various venues (summer 2011)

-1st Camera Assistant Canon 5D

·Mobily Commercials (June 2010)

·Dar Al Nasher Comemrcials (August 2011)

-2nd Camera Assistant Canon 5D

·Al Arabiyah News Ad (April 2010)

·2010 Municipality Elections’ PSA ads (April 2010)

·Restaurant "Mayrig" Documentary. 5 day shoot. (April 2010)

·Almaza World Cup Commercials Featuring Ziad Rahbani (April 2010)

·ART Cinema Commercial (April 2010)

·Spinneys Ramadan Commercials (July 2011)

-2nd Camera Assistant (Video)

·Short Movie: USJ Senior Project. (2009) (PD 170 + Nikon photo lens converter)

-3rd Camera Assistant Canon 5D

·“Institute Modern 50 years” commercial (May 2010)

·“Private” commercial (July 2010)

-Digital Data Technician ”E-Loader” Canon 5D/7D

·Cablevision Commercial (April 2010)


·“Versatile Musical Event by Mario's Music Club” (concert) (April 2010)

·IDM's Skoodoo at AUB Job Fair (web video) (April 2010)

·Byblos Cultural Center Cinema Workshop movie “ From Phoenecian Roots” (August 2011)

·Underrated: Soundtrack of the City (documentary) (November 2011)

-Assistant Director

·Al Jamhoor School + Ministry of Social Affairs PSA (April 2010)


·Versatile Music Event by Mario's Music Club (concert) (April 2010)

·IDM's Skoodoo at AUB Job Fair (April 2010)

·Underrated: Soundtrack of the City (documentary) (November 2011)

-Studio Supervisor

·American University Of Technology AVStudios(Feb 2011- November 2011)


·Cinema Workshop @ Colonie Byblos Cultural Center (July-August 2011)


·Scenario (Intelligence Detective) (2009)

·“Aasfoury” (news crew) (2011)

Other Job Experiences

·Mouftah El-Chark: Depot Supervisor

·Fahed Supermarket: Salesman

·GVH Compuers: Computer Technician