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Full-Stack developer with a deep passion for programming


May 2013present

Full Stack Developer


I like to keep myself busy all the time and whenever there is nothing for me to work on I always involve myself in some project, whether it is my own, or I get hired as a contractor.

June 2016December 2016

Javascript Developer

Last summer I got hired as a javascript developer on a project at this very cool cloud VPS providing company. The team I was on was in charge of deploying an all new version of the platform for renting / buying the servers. I worked as a backend developer (Node, Mongo, Redis) and my main focus was to handle access, caching and middleware for the platform.

Sep 2015May 2016

Frontend Developer


Formerly known as emomime, this startup deals with AI in retail. I developed a prototype of an analytical application (PHP - Laravel, HTML, CSS, JavaScript ) and my role here was to also code their presentation website and make updates to it.

Oct 2015Sep 2016

Volunteer web developer

Tomášikova Elementary School

In my free time, I am volunteering as a web developer for a local elementary school that were in need of a new website.

I built their new site according to their design (HTML, CSS, CoffeeScript ) and I also built an admin section (PHP - Laravel, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript), complete with a custom CMS for managing the content of the website.

My role here is adding new features along the way, squashing bugs and I am also in charge of managing the server (Ubuntu - cli) and backups of data.

Jun 2015Sep 2015

iOS Developer


I developed an iOS version of an application for helping parents control the time their children spend on their smart devices. The app was built using SWIFT language and is compatible with iPhones and iPads.



One of the first languages I learned, I adopted it about 5 years ago and am ashamed to admit I still like it.

But seriously, since the inception of things like Laravel (which I have been abusing heavily since v4.2) and introduction of composer, I think the new principles of the language are very sound.


I really do enjoy working on the UI and UX as well. I used to have a thing for weird stuff like CoffeeScript, but since Babel became so widespread, vanilla JS is just so good.

Most of the time I use bower and npm for managing my front-end dependencies and webpack for bundling my code.

React & React Native

React is, by far, my most favourite library for building user interfaces. I started to dab into it a long time ago, but only came back to it recently with full power. I like it very much and have built a few apps with it.


Some time ago, I was hired on a project which required real-time communication in a browser. I used for that and decided to code the source in node. That was when I found out, that javascript is great for backend as well. NPM is a great community and using it for managing backend dependencies is a cinch.


Nowadays I spend more and more time in the console, writing automation tasks in sh, applescript or javascript. My PHP dev environment is a GUI-less Ubuntu and I use Virtualbox and Vagrant for managing these.

My favourite shell language is oh-my-zsh. You can check out my humble collection of dotfiles along with my custom shell theme.

Version control

I like to keep my code organised and backed up and version control is a perfect skill for that. Not to mention the team workflow benefits it offers. I know Git and SVN, though I prefer Git, obviously.


I started learning SWIFT when it first came out and it was very exciting. I built a few apps for iOS in it.

Some of my projects

Project watermelon apple

I like playing games, but I recently discovered I like creating them even more. Project watermelon apple is a conceptual little thing I hacked together, where I use React to render and update canvas that represents a game world of some sort. It might never be a real game and is still heavily in progress (I update the API, which is written in node every time I come up with a new idea), but I think it is a very fun little idea. If you would like to know more about it, stay tuned to its github page.


php-m framework

When I was working on some side projects about which I knew would have to be deployed in a very un-customisable environment I decided to make my own php bootstrapping framework that relies as little as possible on the operating system of the server.

It uses NotORM for database manipulation and AltoRouter for routing. I tried to keep it as simple and lightweight as possible, you can see it for yourself here.


Fitness Recipes

One of my biggest projects as a contractor, where I architected and implemented a complete system for the whole project.

I created a CMS (Laravel, Bootstrap) for managing content and its language mutations.

The next part was to create an API (Laravel, Oauth2) that is currently used by an iOS app and a bunch of web applications. It's a state-less API based on OAuth2 standards.

I was also in charge of implementing, deploying and designing a web application (PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap) connecting to the aforementioned API, whose english version you can check out here.

On this project, I also acted as the system administrator. My roles included setting up a custom cdn server that serves static files(Debian, nginx) and managing all the different language mutations of the web on a few servers around the world (SaltStack, CRON).


MEGA phylogenetic analysis

One of my side projects was to create a web application (Linux, Laravel, SVG) for computing and rendering phylogenetic analyses. You can check out the repository here.



Engineering degree

Technical University of Košice

For my engineer's degree I changed fields. My current programme is Industrial Informatics. We deal a whole lot with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Bachelor's degree

Technical University of Košice

For my bachelor's degree, I studied the field of Applied Informatics. In my bachelor thesis, I developed an iOS implementation of a web application written in SWIFT language and also explored some other possibilities of a native web app experience (PhoneGap, React Native, ionic).


English - Full professional proficiency (C2)

German - Limited working proficiency (B2)

Slovak, Czech - Native proficiency (C2)