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Software Developer and Project Manager poised to work cross-functionally to deliver entrepreneurial insight and exceptional project-management expertise in areas focused on the complete developmental life-cycle of embedded systems. Ready to lead teams and create embedded solutions from requirements to commercial deployment.

Work experience

Jul 2016Present

Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

Modis GmbH - Vienna, Austria

Director of engineering at new startup company developing security systems and data encryption. Developed the worlds first physical second factor security system.

Jun 2015Jul 2016

Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

MikroElektronika - Belgrade, Serbia

Director of engineering team responsible for all device drivers and libraries used in the product line. Developed frameworks for internal development and testing. Used more than 10 families of MCUs, RTOS development, and code library adaptations.

Sep 2011Jun 2015

Associate Professor

Southwestern Oregon Community College - Oregon, USA

Develop labs, curriculum, and research in the areas of computer science.  Using a diverse set of languages such as C, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Python, and Assembly to educate the future developer superstars.

Jan 2011May 2015

Embedded Software Developer

AlphaLoewe LLC - Oregon, USA

Automation in the industrial world.  Projects primarily consist of AVR and ARM families of MCUs.  Work ranges from automation of existing tasks to improvement of older automation.

Aug 2006Jan 2015

Technical Lead, Engineer, Support

Syil America - Oregon, USA / Shanghai China

Develop and distribute small CNC machines for hobbyists and light manufacturing.  Tools used in design is primarily Soldworks, HSM CAM, and PC based controllers.

May 2010Aug 2010

Software Developer

Cogvis GmbH - Vienna, Austria

Cross platform GUI interface development for existing synthetic vision frameworks.


Sep 2008Jun 2010

Masters of Science - Management and Information Systems

Western Oregon University

GPA 3.75:

Large exposure to algorithms, artificial intelligence, data structure, database development, virtualization, and multi-discipline programming, as well as training in data analysis, business management, corporate leadership, and marketing.

Sep 2005May 2008

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

American Intercontinental University

GPA 3.51 Cum Laude:

Object oriented programming techniques deeply rooted in the .NET framework.



MySQL Professional Developer

Oracle Inc.

SQL proficient in development on the 5.0 MySQL framework. 


Java Professional Developer

Oracle Inc.

Java 6 release proficient.


Modis Lock - 2017

Worlds first second factor physical security system was development by myself. Remote readers communication to the host controller utilizing various encryption techniques. Host is capable of validating for computer logins as well as remote physical locations. Data logging, attack detection, and security algorithms were all developed by myself. 

BeagleEye License Plate Recognition - 2015

Couple Linux with OpenCV, then throw in an affordable embedded system and what do you have? BeagleEye, a fully autonomous computer vision system that detects license plates on automobiles.

Embedded Webserver - 2014

Fully HTTP 1.1 compliant web-server with http, ftp, mail, telnet protocol support.  Developed for remote data logging and retrieval from remote monitoring stations.  Full implementation takes less than 56kb of storage and 16.2kb of ram to run.

Automated Self Programming Pump - 2012

This project consists of a self contained web-server with client capability, remote storage, and diagnostics on one single micro-controller. Its' purpose is to download website content, parse it, and calculate optimum pumping cycles. It then programs the schedule to start cycling all while monitoring environmental conditions. The system is automated but has remote management capability.

Automated Greenhouse Controller - 2011

Automation of environment variables can be time consuming. This project was aimed at controlling everything from light to air quality. Using a micro-controller, Ethernet controller, RTC, isolated inputs, relays, and ADC this can be accomplished. We were able to regulate light through the use of PWM by measuring the ambient light and matching with synthetic light were able to provide a consistent light level. Remote access was facilitated by our own internal web server. Water and nutrients were routed to the plants via a pumping system that was provided by the internally integrated fish tank. Air was evacuated from the growing chamber by use of a progressively slotted tube that traversed the enclosure through the center of the structure.