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Richard Kevin Kabiling

Technical Lead and Software Developer

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Software Engineer (Part-time)

  • Successfully proposed a service oriented architecture utilizing RESTful services, SPA client in the web front-end and Android client in the mobile front-end
  • Promoted REST best practices increasing REST compliance to level 2 from level 0 based on the Richardson Maturity Model for API grading
  • Successfully introduced ReactJS, among others, to the team for SPA development
  • Initiated refactoring of the services to utilize a multilayer architecture divided between API, business and persistence.
Mar 2015Present

Software Architect, Technical Lead

  • Received high recommendations from other technical leads to take on role despite lower years of experience (other leads have experience above 6 years) because of exemplified technical design skills and leadership on several feature areas and projects.
  • Lead, specified, designed and implemented a domain agnostic rule engine prototype for tree-like structures to improve maintainability. Tests showed up to 60% performance improvement, above 50% lines of code reduction and better function modularity over previous rule engine platform component being used.
  • Introduced the team to functional programming concepts through Java 8 trainings and code reviews to improve overall team competency
  • Facilitated key decision meetings for standardization of designs, processes, practices done by local development team of more than 50 developers.
  • Successfully lead several refactoring efforts for legacy feature areas to accommodate breaking new functionality without introducing defects.
  • Performed design workshops and code reviews for large features to assure architectural soundness, correctness, maintainability and compliance to clean code concepts
Nov 2014Present

Code Officer

  • Performed and facilitated code reviews, improving code quality (semantically and structurally) and maintainability and facilitating knowledge sharing through practical refactoring advice
Jan 2013Present

Research and Development Engineer

  • Successfully proposed, specified, designed and implemented a unit testing framework intended for rule validation testing that uses a new domain specific language with a fluent API. The framework allowed process change mandating unit testing of a huge legacy component (previously no tests)
  • Successfully proposed identification scheme for rules to reduce complexity, difficulty in estimation, and allow test automation
  • Given ownership of rule engine platform component
  • Actively participated in development of several internal tools and utility APIs using Java, Spring, Hibernate, Java Script, Python, Django and MySQL
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis/Escaped Defect Analysis (RCA/EDA)
  • Participated in Clean Code trainings
  • Developed and maintained a large desktop application using Java with focus on rule engine development, messaging integration with hardware, and user interface implementation with a team located across 3 sites, and composed of 14 scrum teams and more than 150 engineers
May 2014Mar 2015

Scrum Master

  • Implemented simple ways of working changes that improved developer performance, process recall and metrics gathering
  • Improved induction training through introduction of curriculum review and revision, feedback coordination, training retrospectives and standardized mentoring process
  • Resolved conflicts through persistent dialogue and motivation
  • Facilitated and participated in scrum of scrums retrospective process reviews and completed action points for process improvement or process streamlining
  • Shared and encouraged use of software engineering and scrum best practices
  • Lead several scrum teams with 7 to 14 members
May 2012Oct 2012

Software Engineer

Factset Research Systems
  • Used proprietary database and frameworks along with Bash, DCL, Perl and XML to fulfill requests, fix broken systems and apply enhancements
  • Effectively communicated with other engineers, product developers and stakeholders
Apr 2011Aug 2011


Narra Systems LLC
  • Developed several modules involving network programming and device communication with Perl and C++
  • Lead the formulation of specifications, presentation and development of two projects (pseudo routing module, automated hardware communication module)
  • Created a pseudo routing module for network simulation


Dec 2014Present

Professional Scrum Master I

Apr 2012Present

Level 2: Fundamental Information Technology Engineers (FE) Certification Exams

Philippine National Information Technology Standards Foundation

FE08-0055 /