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Emily Buchanan

Work Ethic is Key



High School Diploma

West Mecklenburg

Work experience


Insurance ADVISER

  • Identify prospects by gathering information about their current medicare situation.
  • Qualify prospects by determining if they can save money on their cost of insurance.
  • Receive inbound and outbound calls from a T2 automated dialer.
  • Transfer prospect to an licensed insurance agent. 
  • Use specific sales and marketing techniques to maximize every opportunity reached. 

assistant manager

Helping hands
  • Make sure all employees follow all rules and guidelines set fourth by company.
  • Talk to patients about their needs and make sure they are meet.
  • Make sure all medicine is giving at the correct time. 
  • make sure all patients are feed and taken care of at the highest standards.

retention SPECIALIST

  • Call on existing customers and make sure their needs are meet in order to keep their business.
  • Handle all problems on a daily bases to make sure that the customers were happy.
  • Talk directly to upper management to decide what best course of action that should be taken to resolve any problems.

Assistant manager

Sandbox Game room
  • Open and close the location daily.
  • Make sure all equipment was functioning correctly.
  • make sure all guest were taken care of and happy with their time there.
  • Handle all unhappy guest and fix any problems.
  • Handled making all employees schedules.


Chocolate city managment
  • Handle all employees schedules and time to be worked.
  • Book and accommodate all entertainment.
  • Make sure all guest were happy while they visited the club.
  • handled all security needs by making sure guest were safe while at location
  • Handled all payroll and book keeping


Analytical Ability

As a sales manager I received all kinds of information -- from verifiable facts to rumors. It is important for me to be able to see the relevance of these bits of information, to draw conclusions that fit the facts, and to analyze a problem to understand root causes.


Having analyzed the available information in a given situation, they must then judicially weigh the evidence in order to decide on the best course of action. Most decisions involve a balance of advantages and disadvantages, and so they should be comfortable with tradeoffs.


What was clear to me as a sales manager was made clear to others. I as the sales manager asked what each individual needed to know and why, and what reaction they expect from them. 

Ability to Attain Targets

I constantly strived to reach goals and deadlines. I know  what to do when performance deviates from plan, and executes corrective measures.


I am someone who is able to look well ahead and be a good forecaster, and who also considers future opportunities and problems. I create hunters.

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