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I am a very hard working, honest, and dependable person who is self motivated and loves a good challenge. I work well with others as well as working by myself. I take pride in everything I do, and strive to better myself every day. I try to be the type of employee, that if I owned a company, I would want working for me. I am a fast learner who wants to learn everything I can. 

Work experience


Sub Contracting

Self Employed

I built retaining walls, decks, fences, patios, as well as water features. I also did minor home improvements. 


Heavy Equipment Test Operator

JLG, Orrville division

I operated and ran a battery of tests of heavy equipment including airial work platforms, scissor lifts, and tele-handlers. I ran solid state, durability, function, and torture testing on the machines. I also did engine, tire, and basic maintenance as well as minor repairs on our test machines. 


CNC machinist


I set up, test cycled, and ran a CNC mills. I did tolerance checks with micrometers and air gauges, and made offsets as needed. I also did quality control checks on appearance. I logged my parts checks into the computer log. I also did minor machine maintenance as needed. 


Lead Supervisor


I was the third shift lead supervisor in the friction stir weld department. We built metamic  HT baskets that store spent nuclear fuel. My duties were to make sure our material was up to standards, and we had all of the panels we needed to build our orders. I was in charge of keeping our employees safe, busy, efficient, and making sure they had all the needed tools and equipment needed to complete the job. I was also responsible for giving the okay on the set up before the welding process began. I was responsible for paperwork and computer entries for the material we were using and the order numbers we were currently working on. I was responsible for daily safety meetings and 'toolbox' meetings. I was responsible for staging the baskets for final inspection, and getting the baskets that did not pass final inspection back to production to be fixed or brought back into specs. I also was consistently in touch with my superiors and other supervisors, to keep them updated on our state of completion for our orders. 


Sub contractor

JD Home Improvement

I was a sub contractor that build decks, retaining walls, fences, and we also did major and minor home improvements and additions to private residential homes. 


CNC Machinist

Sattler Machine and Tool

I set up, and ran two horizontal lathes. I did tolerance checks and made offsets in the programs. I used depth gauges, micrometers, calipers, pin micrometers, gauge blocks, and several other tools to check my tolerances. I logged my quality checks into my log books. 


CNC Machinist

Seville Bronze

I ran multiple mills, including vertical, and trunion tables. I checked my parts with micrometers, calipers, depth gauges, pin mics, and gauge blocks. I made offsets in the programs and logged my checks in log books. 


Machine Operator/warehouse/shipping and receiving

Rohrer Corporation

I started as a packer who packed printed products into boxes. I moved to run a blister pack machine. I then moved to the warehouse and shipping and receiving. 


Crew Leader

Bobby'Z landscaping

I started off as a labor worker. I worked really hard and after a year my owner Bobby let me go do small jobs on my own. After doing this for several months he gave me a five man crew and let me deal with customers and run my crew. He gave the estimates, gave me the jobs and my crew and I went and did the jobs 



General Diploma

Rittman High School

General study